How to Draw a Car

Car drawing tutorial

Our site is called and here we show how to draw the most different cars.

Basically, all cars are drawn in approximately the same way, and therefore you need to know the very basic principles, methods and tricks for drawing cars. So in this lesson you will learn how to draw a car easily and quickly.


Step 1

To draw a car, the first thing we need is to outline the main contours of the body. As you understand, all the bodies of cars are different, but we show the process of drawing a car on the example of a Mercedes-Benz CLS. The contours of the car should be sketched with very light lines, do not try to make the lines too dark.

Step 2

The main contours of the car are drawn, but our drawing is not similar to the vehicle. In order to fix this situation, we outline the most basic details, such as the headlights, the outlines of the windows, rear-view mirrors and wheels. All these details also differ depending on the models, but their location is about the same.

How to draw a car step by step

Step 3

The general outlines of the car (Mercedes-Benz CLS in our example) are done and starting from the third step, we will draw the finish parts. We draw a long line of the hood and the outlines of the headlights. In the same step, we accruedly draw the outlines of the grille and remove unnecessary lines from the front part of the car.

How to draw a car from side

Step 4

Continuing the line of the hood gently draw the roof of the car, which smoothly passes into the back. The roofs of different cars look completely different, in our example it is very low and flat. After that, draw thof the car a more complete look, delete the unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw a car

Step 5

As you noticed, we draw a car from front to back. Step number five will be devoted on the back part of the car (Mercedes-Benz CLS in our example). Continuing the line of roof we draw out the trunk and back bumper. In the same step, we need to draw out the taillight and the outlines of the exhaust pipe.

Car drawing tutorial step by step

Step 6

In this step we will finish drawing the car body. Continuing the lines of windows, we need to draw the contours of the doors. In this step, we also need to draw door handles, which also look differently depending on the brand of a car. And here we sketch the lines of design on the body and remove unwanted guidelines.

Realistic car drawing tutorial

Step 7

Here we will draw out the rims and wheels of the car. This step often causes great difficulty for many artists, since the wheels should be as smooth and circle as possible. You can draw them with a compass or try to cope without his help. To draw rims, first draw the center of the rims, then draw the spokes from center to edges.

Car drawing side view

Step 8

The car is almost drawn, and the final step of the lesson on how to draw a car will be devoted to drawing shadows. Logically, the shadows should lie in those places where the light does not fall. To draw the shadows, use the classic hatching. To darken the shadow, apply a second layer of hatching.

How to draw a car

This lesson was about how to draw a car with a pencil step by step. Here we showed you the most basic principles and tips of drawing a car, which can be useful for drawing a variety of brands and models. This step by step drawing tutorial is not complicated, and having mastered it, you can draw a car of any brand.

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