How to Draw a BMW for Kids

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simple BMW drawing

Today I will teach you how to draw a BMW for kids quickly and easily. In just eight simple steps you will get a great result!

With the help of simple step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to draw a BMW for kids. This is a German-made car, which is very popular not only in its own country but throughout the world.

This is a high-quality solid car that has excellent technical characteristics and an attractive exterior design. Motorists value BMW models for reliability and comfort. This car is easily recognizable, the main distinguishing features of the BMW are the two air intakes of the grille with the BMW emblem and the double round headlights. In general, the BMW car looks elegant, dynamic, and solid.

BMW is a premium car. It has an elongated body, low landing, streamlined shape, two doors. With our step-by-step guide, you will easily draw this car. Be consistent and use small hints as you draw.

How to Draw a BMW for Kids

Step 1

With the help of smooth lines draw the outer contour of the BMW. Be careful and try to correctly depict the external form.

How to draw a BMW for beginners

Step 2

Detail the bumper, to do this, draw smooth wavy lines in front and behind. Using a semicircular line, add the wheel arches.

How to draw a BMW easy

Step 3

Depict the front and rear wheel. To do this, draw three circles of different diameters. Make sure the wheels are the same.

How to draw an easy BMW

Step 4

Add front and rear lights. On the side of the body of the car, draw the round gas tank cap.

How to draw a simple BMW

Step 5

Sketch out the visible part of the front window and the side window. The side window has a pointed edge at the front and a rounded edge at the back.

BMW drawing tutorial

Step 6

Draw a straight horizontal line at the bottom of the case. Depict the door with smooth lines. Add two transverse lines on the side window.

BMW drawing lesson

Step 7

Sketch out the door handle, the side mirror, and the small figured element on the roof of the BMW.

BMW drawing tutorial

Step 8

At this stage, check your drawing. If there are any inaccuracies, then correct them with an eraser. Trace the outline of the car.

simple BMW drawing

It was a lesson on how to draw a BMW for kids. If you want your drawing to look more realistic, then add shadows. If you have already completely finished your drawing and are satisfied with the result, then we suggest that you follow the other exciting lessons presented on this site.

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