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How to Draw a Car for Kids

how to draw a car for kids

In this super easy drawing tutorial, the team of Drawcarz. com will show you how to draw a car for kids.

As we have said many times, our simple drawing instructions are different in that they do not have a stage with shadows. In addition, our simple drawing guides have much less details than the more complex ones.


How to Draw a Car for Kids

Step 1

The first stage is to draw a long, flat geometric shape that will later turn into the bottom part of the car. The lines of this stage should be as light as possible.

how to draw a car for kids step by step

Step 2

Now draw the roof of the car with one long curved line. The lean at the rear of the roof should be much smoother than at the front.

how to draw a simple car

Step 3

Now use a couple of short, smooth lines to draw the windshield and rear window. Draw the frame of the side windows between them.

how to draw an easy car

Step 4

Now using smooth lines draw the door. Next, draw the handle that looks like a simple horizontal rectangle. Draw a semi-circular notch for the hand under the handle.

car for kids drawing guide

Step 5

Draw the bumpers in the front and back of the car. Draw the headlight just above the front bumper and the tail light above the rear one.

how to draw a car easy

Step 6

Draw arches at the front and rear of the car. To check their evenness and proportionality, look at the car drawing through a mirror.

easy drawings

Step 7

Now draw the wheels under the arches. Try to achieve maximum roundness and proportionality of the wheels and rims inside them.

how to draw a car for kids easy

Step 8

Now carefully get rid of all construction lines. If necessary, trace all the important lines in the drawing, making them darker and more expressive.

how to draw a car for kids

So, this was a guide on how to draw a car for kids. We tried to keep it as simple as possible, and we hope that all of our readers were able to handle it. Write to us if you could draw a car using our instruction.

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