How to Draw a Police Car for Kids

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police car drawing for kids

With this lesson, you will learn how to draw a police car for kids. Start this lesson and get useful drawing skills!

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a police car for kids. This is a special purpose vehicle that serves to perform the duties of police officers.

You see that the car has a flashing light on the roof. On the side of the car, there is an inscription that indicates its purpose. The rest of the police car is almost no different from other cars. If you learn how to draw a police car well, you can draw any other car, just change the shape of the body a little.

The design of such a car is not complicated, this vehicle has a standard shape. You will easily draw a police car with simple instructions and a brief description of each step.

How to draw a Police Car for Kids

Step 1

With smooth lines draw the outline of the police car. Be careful at this step.

how to draw a police car realistic

Step 2

Depict the wheels and rims inside them. These elements should be perfectly round and symmetrical.

how to draw a police car cartoon

Step 3

Sketch out the bumper with a few short lines. Add the visible part of the front and rear lights.

how to draw a simple police car

Step 4

Depict a curly element in front of the car and add the flashing beacon on the roof.

police car drawing realistic

Step 5

Draw part of the front window and the side window. Use a straight horizontal line to depict the bottom part. Add the upper part using a smooth rounded line.

police car drawing tutorial

Step 6

Add the front and back doors. In the middle of the body of the car, draw a straight vertical line that divides the window and doors between them.

basic police car drawing

Step 7

On the body of the car, add the appropriate inscription. Make sure that the letters are the same height, keep the proportions.

police car drawing cartoon

Step 8

This is the last step where you can check your drawing and correct inaccuracies if necessary. If you have correctly drawn all the parts of the car, then trace the outline of the drawing.

police car drawing for kids

You have successfully completed the lesson on how to draw a police car for kids! Another drawing lesson was completed. I hope you enjoyed this task and were satisfied with the result. On my site, you will find other special-purpose vehicles. Develop your creativity with my instructions.

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