How to Draw an Easy Truck for Kids

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truck drawing tutorial for kids

This lesson will help you learn how to draw an easy truck for kids in a few easy steps. Start this guide and get useful skills!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw an easy truck for kids. On our site, various types of trucks are presented, and now you will draw another model that can often be seen on the roads.

The instruction includes six simple steps that any aspiring artist can easily follow. In this lesson, it becomes necessary to make even straight lines and draw geometric shapes. The DrawCarz team believes that you will easily cope with this task and enjoy the creative process.

In the image, you see a small truck that has a cab and a cargo compartment. Such a car is convenient to use for various household needs. This model is especially relevant in farming, where there is always a lot of work and there is an offer in freight transport.

This utility vehicle is ideal for transporting various small cargoes. Consistently follow all stages of development, be careful, and do not rush, then you will get an excellent result.

How to Draw an Easy Truck for Kids

Step 1

Sketch out the outer contour of the car. Be careful.

how to draw a truck easy

Step 2

Draw the front and rear wheel. Depict small circles in the center of each wheel.

how to draw a truck art hub

Step 3

At this stage, depict the bumper and headlights. Try to correctly draw the shape of the elements.

how to draw a big truck easy

Step 4

With the help of a few straight lines, draw the side window that is shaped like a trapezoid. Add the mirror to the side.

how to draw a truck cartoon

Step 5

Sketch out the doors. At this stage, you need to draw straight lines. Then add the small rectangular door handles.

how to draw a truck for kindergarten

Step 6

Correct inaccuracies if necessary and trace the outline of the drawing.

truck drawing tutorial for kids

The drawing lesson on how to draw an easy truck for kids has come to an end. We recommend drawing other truck models that are presented on this site.

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