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How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

How to draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro is a legendary American sports car and so-called “pony car”, produced by the division of Chevrolet General Motors Corporation since 1966. Chevrolet Camaro is a truly legendary car, to describe which you can pick up a lot of words, but it’s better to see once, or even better, to draw. And in order to touch the legend today, we decided to show you how to draw a Chevrolet Camaro.

How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Step 1

Camaro is primarily a coupe, so the silhouette will be respective. Smooth and at the same time powerful lines of the body should be depicted using very light lines.

How to sketch a Chevrolet Camaro

Step 2

Narrow windows and big wheels – these details create the recognizable look of the Chevrolet Camaro. This step will be dedicated to the windows and tires, which will be performed with very light lines.

How to draw a Chevrolet Camaro

Step 3

Aggressive headlights and two-door design – these are two more details that complement the appearance of this muscle car. In addition to these parts, do not forget to depict the large rims and taillights.

How to draw a Chevrolet Camaro easy for beginners

Step 4

Details must be made with very neat and clear lines. Circle the entire front of the Chevrolet Camaro, including headlights and bumper parts. Use the eraser to clear the front of unnecessary lines.

How to draw a muscle car

Step 5

Due to aerodynamic requirements, the roof of sports cars becomes very flat and the rear end is very sloping. As a side effect, we get a cool look. Circle this roof and side window with and the mirror.

How to draw a Chevrolet Camaro ss

Step 6

Chevrolet Camaro is a coupe, which means that we will draw one door here. In addition, depict a handle and rear with the bumper, tail lamp, and exhaust pipe.

How to draw a Chevrolet Camaro easy

Step 7

Circle the wheels very carefully so that they are the most round. We drew quite standard rims on this Camaro, but you can draw rims by taking other examples from our drawing instructions.

Chevrolet Camaro drawing

Step 8

Shading and glare, performed by shading, will help your Chevrolet Camaro drawing to look truly voluminous. Consider the curves and areas hidden from light to make the shadows more true.

Chevrolet Camaro drawing

DrawCarz.com is very fond of muscle cars, and the instruction on how to draw a Chevrolet Camaro was made primarily to teach our readers how to draw cool muscle cars and pony cars. Chevrolet Camaro – the iconic American sports car. Its popularity has remained unchanged for more than 35 years of model history. The updated car acquired a more original design but retained all the best features of the representatives of the old issue. It is created with the latest technology: using modern technological developments and design solutions.

Years pass, and the coolness of this sports car remains at a high level. This drawing guide will help you to depicture the latest models of this muscle car, and for older versions, we will soon prepare a new instruction.

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