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How to Draw a Car Seat

How to draw a car seat

Cars are the main and integral theme of DrawCarz.com. But as you understand, we show not only how to draw cars, but also their parts. This lesson on how to draw a car seat will be part of a series of lessons on different details, where in addition to the seat we will draw wheels, steering wheels, and the rest of the interior and exterior of vehicles.

How to Draw a Car Seat

Step 1

First, mark the part of the seat that is located behind the back. You can make a more classic, flat design, or make a deeper and more sporty bucket.

How to draw a car seat easy

Step 2

Now depicture the lower part of the seat, which can also be flat or bucket. Next, depict the headrest. In this step, the main thing is to observe symmetry.

Step 3

Let’s draw the seat details. Depicture the horizontal and vertical seams, which will give the seat volume and realism. Of course, among the endless variety of designs, you can choose any other at your discretion.

How to draw a seat of a car

Step 4

Now circle all the outlines, stitches, and parts of the seat, to make it beautiful and clean. On the lower part, we depict the seat controls.

How to sketch a car seat step by step

Step 5

Shadows drawn with the help of hatching will make your seat drawing volumetric and realistic. You can increase the number of shadows for greater realism.

Cars appeared more than a hundred years ago, and during all these years, the design of their seats has changed and improved. They introduced various technologies that make them more comfortable, more modern, and more useful. In this lesson about how to draw a car seat, we showed in five steps the most important points. Use this manual to learn how to draw a wide variety of seats. Draw them separately or as part of the interior.

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