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How to Draw a Car Easy

How to draw a car easy

Were you looking for an accessible drawing guide on how to draw a car easy? If yes, then this article is exactly what you need! We studied all the techniques of drawing cars for a long time, and in this article, we tried to collect everything necessary to make your car drawing easy but at the same time realistic.

How to Draw a Car Easy

Step 1

First, we are going to depict the bottom of the car, which looks like a long rectangle. Next, we depict the upper part of the cabin in the form of a curved line.

How to draw a car easy

Step 2

To make your draft more like a car, we will add basic details. The headlights you can draw in any shape, as well as the outlines of windows and mirrors.

How to draw a car in easy way

Step 3

A car will be useless if it cannot move, right? And to ensure that the car can move, we will depict the tires. Let’s depicture the tires, which should be as round as possible.

How to draw a car quick and easy

Step 4

Cars most often (if it is not a coupe car) have four doors, two on each side. And in the fourth step, we will draw these very doors. In the same stage, we will depict another exterior element – the rims.

How to draw a car fast and easy

Step 5

We are in the middle of a drawing article on how to draw a car easy, which means that we will begin the process of a more detailed depicturing the vehicle. Circle the front part with the bumper and headlight.

How to draw a car easy method

Step 6

We should perform the same actions with a pencil with the upper part of the car cabin. Circle the car roof, lateral windows, and visible parts of the windshield and rear window.

How to draw a car easy way

Step 7

The rear of the car must be made in accordance with the front so that there is no feeling that these are parts from two different cars. With this in mind, draw a trunk and rear bumper with a tail lamp.

How to draw a car easy step by step for beginners

Step 8

The doors of all cars, although they have some distinctive features, in most cases are drawn approximately equally. Given this, circle the front and rear doors, remembering to depict the handles.

How to draw a car easy step by step

Step 9

We drew classic spoke rims, but to make your drawing look different from ours, you can depicture rims of another kind, for example, from other sketching guides from the DrawCarz.com.

How to draw a car easy step by step

The drawing guide on how to draw a car easy was divided into 9 steps, each of which was as simple as possible. In fact, this is a kind of basic instruction that can be used to draw any car. Our other articles are built on this instruction because in any case, all cars are drawn the same way. If you are searching for a more complex basic article, then move to the article on how to draw a car on DrawCarz.com.

How to draw cars

Look at the picture above, there we have collected a few examples of cars that can be drawn with the help of this drawing guide. As you understand, to complicate the drawing and make it more realistic, you can add some details and shadows.

And now we want to give some useful tips for artists:

  • To give your car a more sporty look, you can make it flatter and more aerodynamic, and draw larger wheels.
  • To make your car more luxurious, and again more sporty, draw one door, instead of two.
  • As mentioned above, use various designs of rims and bumpers to change the appearance of the car.
  • Do not forget that a long car looks more preimalnym, while a shorter car looks more urban.

If this article was useful for you, then we are sure that our other guides will be enjoyed by you, so visit them and learn to draw with DrawCarz.

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