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How to Draw a Bugatti Chiron

How to draw a Bugatti Chiron

In the world there are just ordinary cars, sports cars and supercars. But at the very top of this “food chain” of cars are located the so-called hypercars. And without a doubt, the most famous hypercar is the Bugatti Chiron – a truly insane car that ignites tracks and blows up the brains of motorists. In this very easy and realistic tutorial, DrawCarz.com will show you how to draw Bugatti Chiron.

How to Draw a Bugatti Chiron

Step 1

Bugatti Chiron is beautiful in everything, including the exterior design. In step one, we will just outline the silhouette of the hypercar. We can see a very flat car with a smooth sloping rear part.

How to draw a bugatti car step by step

Step 2

Bugatti has developed a very recognizable design that we will depicture in this step. Draw a window and a long curved line on the lateral part. Also depict huge tires that help the car better cling to the road and not less huge arches.

How to draw a realistic bugatti chiron

Step 3

Let’s now depict the aggressive headlights, deflectors, and air intakes on the bumper. For all these actions you need to use very dark lines.

How to draw a bugatti chiron step by step easy

Step 4

The top of the Bugatti is not less cool than the bottom. Here we need to depicture the windshield, lateral window, mirror, and smooth roof of the Bugatti Chiron. Next to the window depict the hatch of the gas tank.

How to draw a bugatti chiron side view

Step 5

Bugatti Chiron is a two-door car, which means that on this side we will need to depicture one door. In the same fifth step, we shall depict the side skirt and the handle. And do not forget about the back bumper and tail lamp.

How to draw a Bugatti Chiron for beginners

Step 6

Many people have a problem with drawing tires and rims since not everyone can make them perfectly even and symmetrical. Try to make them like in this picture.

How to draw a Bugatti Chiron easy

Step 7

Now draw rims, select the design at its discretion. But if you go to the instruction about how to draw wheels, you can learn how to draw them quickly and easily.

How to draw a Bugatti step by step

Step 8

It’s time for the shadows and highlights. They will help your mad hypercar Bugatti Chiron look more voluminous and natural. Additional hatching will make the shadows more real and dark.

Bugatti Chiron drawing

Bugatti car company has existed for many decades, during which the guys from this company create a truly mega luxury and incredibly fast cars. From year to year, their hypercars set speed records without losing external chic and comfort. Do not forget that you can use this instruction on how to draw a Bugatti Chiron to draw Bugatti Veyron and even other hypercars of this brand.

How to Draw a Bugatti Chiron: Video Tutorial

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  1. Car is very sick. I honestly think it is a bit hard to make. Other than that I had a blast. Love this drawing activity.

  2. YA This a really nice car, im a supercar fan and especially, i go crazy about bugattis.

    The big Boi,
    P.s. counting on another bugatti to go mach 1 on land!!!

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