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How to Draw a Lambo

How to draw a Lambo

The team of DrawCarz.com is very fond of supercars, and our readers are very fond of drawing supercars, and so today we will show you how to draw a Lambo. This instruction will be super-detailed, and if you do everything right, then, in the end, you will get a very realistic Lambo drawing.

How to Draw a Lambo

Step 1

Start drawing a Lambo with a silhouette, depicting it as a loose sketch. Repeat the fast look of Lambo as the artists of DrawCarz.com did in the image below.

How to draw a Lamborghini easy

Step 2

Now depict the big sports tires in the form of two perfect circles. After that depict a narrow window frame. Finish the stage portraying the lights.

How to sketch a Lamborghini Centenario

Step 3

Inside the tires, create the silhouettes of the rims. Portray a sports mirror and air intake. Complete this stage by depicting the location of the radiator grille.

How to draw a realistic Lamborghini Centenario

Step 4

Now trace the hood and give the final look to the headlight and bumper. Use sharp lines to depict the complex grille. Do not forget to get rid of unwanted lines from the work surface.

How to draw a Lamborghini Centenario easy

Step 5

Now, with a smooth and sloping line, depict a low roof turning into a tail. With clear lines detail the window frame and the lines inside it.

How to draw a Lamborghini Centenario step by step

Step 6

Depict the back of a Lambo forming the trunk and an unusual taillight. Make the lines in the Lambo drawing clean and beautiful.

How to draw a Lambo

Step 7

In this stage of the article about how to draw a Lambo, you need to depict numerous details to the side surface. Repeat all the clear lines as in the example from the artists of DrawCarz.com.

How to draw a Lamborghini

Step 8

Now let’s portray the door in the Lambo drawing. It should be angular, like all other details on this supercar. Do not forget to depict the handle on the door.

How to sketch a Lambo

Step 9

In this stage of the instruction on how to draw a Lambo, we will depict the rims. Firstly, depict the central part, then the angular spokes surrounding the central part.

Lambo drawing tutorial

Step 10

So, we are at the last stage of the instruction on how to draw Lambo, which means it’s time to do the shadows. With the help of hatching, depict the shadows in the places indicated by the artists of DrawCarz.com.

Lambo drawing

Lamborghini is one of the most legendary car brands in the world, and so the crew of DrawCarz.com was very happy to show you how to draw a Lambo. Do you like to draw cars? What car drawing lessons do you want to see on our pages? What do you think of this instruction and DrawCarz.com as a whole? We are really looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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  1. Bruh these are non car guys, you can clearly see that this is a Lamborghini centenario but good drawing

  2. i will buy the lamborghini when i get license of lamborghini and then i will be mine forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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