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How to Draw a Mercedes-AMG GT

How to draw a Mercedes-AMG GT

And again on the pages of the DrawCarz.com, you see another drawing guide about how to draw a Mercedes-Benz. The star of today’s drawing guide is the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT – a sports car from the legendary Stuttgart auto concern. This car is a natural German monster on wheels, which combines stunning design and amazing driving properties. So, stop singing the praises, let’s begin the process of learning how to draw a Mercedes-AMG GT.

How to Draw a Mercedes-AMG GT

Step 1

The design of this car has clearly defined old school features. Let’s depicture a hypertrophied long flat body and a flat sloping roof.

How to draw a Mercedes

Step 2

Large wheels and a narrow window line – this is what is characteristic of any sports car. Let’s depicture these details and stylish lights.

How to draw a Mercedes-AMG GT easy

Step 3

Details – this is what distinguishes some cars from others. In the third step, we will depict such details as an unusual-shaped door, air intakes, large rims, and hypertrophied wheel arches.

How to draw a Mercedes super car

Step 4

Probably the most outstanding (both figurative and literally) part of the Mercedes-AMG GT is its long hood. Let’s circle this part and depict the lights, the characteristic grille, and the wheel arch.

Learn how to draw a Mercedes-AMG GT super car

Step 5

Another feature is the roof. It is very sporty, flat, and smooth. Let’s depicture this part of the body and a stylish window opening. Do not forget to depicture the mirror.

How to sketch a Mercedes-AMG GT

Step 6

A stylish roof very smoothly flows into the no less stylish trunk. Let’s depicture the details of the rear as we did in the picture below these words.

How to draw a super car

Step 7

As we said at the very beginning – AMG GT is the legacy of the old Mercedes of the 60s, and this is clearly seen from the side. Let’s depicture the door and the air intake without forgetting to remove all unwanted lines.

How to sketch a Mercedes-AMG GT

Step 8

We believe that the multi-spoke rims that we drew in the picture below are best for the Mercedes-AMG GT. Try to observe symmetry when drawing these rims.

Mercedes-AMG GT drawing tutorial

Step 9

Shadows and glare – this is what will raise your drawing of Mercedes-AMG GT to a new level of realism. This should be done with the help of hatching, in places where indicated in our picture below.

Mercedes-AMG GT drawing

We divided out drawing instruction on how to draw a Mercedes-AMG GT into nine very simple symmetrical steps, because the simpler the drawing process, the more knowledge our reader will receive.

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