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How to Draw a Mini Cooper

How to draw a Mini Cooper

The team of DrawCarz.com most often creates instructions about powerful supercars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, but today we will show you how to draw a Mini Cooper. Although this is a very small car, in fact, it is not without power and controllability. Since this car is already being made by BMW, it has all the advantages of this German brand. Anyway, let’s get down to the instruction on how to draw a Mini Cooper.

How to Draw a Mini Cooper

Step 1

Like all of our instructions, this one starts with the most basic contours. Using very light and loose lines, depict the silhouette of the Mini Cooper.

How to draw a car

Step 2

Now depict the tires as two perfect circles. In the front, depict the characteristic oval headlamp. Complete the stage by depicting the roof and windows.

How to draw a small car

Step 3

Depict perfectly round rims inside the tires. Depict semi-circular arches above the wheels. By rough lines depict the door, the rounded mirror and the fog lamp.

How to draw a Mini Cooper for beginners

Step 4

Starting from this stage we will draw the Mini Cooper in detail. Start from the nose, tracing the entire front with beautiful, clear lines. Do not forget to depict the voluminous wheel arch.

How to draw a Mini Cooper easy

Step 5

Now let’s go to the top of the Mini Cooper and depict a characteristic roof, pillars, windows and the nice mirror. Do not forget to get rid of excess lines on the work surface.

How to draw a Mini Cooper step by step

Step 6

Carefully trace the rear to form the rear bumper and taillight. Now carefully depict the side door and the handle on it. Get rid of auxiliary lines from the body.

Mini Cooper drawing guide

Step 7

In this stage of the instruction on how to draw a Mini Cooper, we will depict the rims. They are traditionally drawn very simply. First depict the center, then the spokes themselves, diverging to the edges.

Mini Cooper drawing tutorial

Step 8

At the last stage of the instruction on how to draw a Mini Cooper, we will depict shadows. To do this, use hatching that should be applied to the drawing in accordance with the places shown in the image from the artists of DrawCarz.com.

Mini Cooper drawing

That’s all, dear artists and car designers, the instruction on how to draw a Mini Cooper has come to an end. Was it easy or were you unable to draw a this car using this instruction? Do you want to learn how to draw British cars of other brands? What do you think of this instruction and DrawCarz.com as a whole? Write all your thoughts, because we are very interested in your opinion.

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  1. Cool. You should try some sports cars for a challenge. I tried it and it looked good. So don’t worry if your a beginner. Try it out!

  2. Thank you. My partner wants a picture of a mini on the side of his van.
    With your help I hope I can do it.
    By the way I was at Bathurst car races when the mini Cooper s beat the Holden at Mount panorama race track

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