How to Draw a Lamborghini Veneno

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how to draw a Lamborghini Veneno

In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a Lamborghini Veneno, one of the most decoratively heaped sports cars on the market.

In terms of the main drawing method, this sports car is very similar to all other Lamborghini cars. Despite this, there will be some points that we will focus on more closely.


How to Draw a Lamborghini Veneno

Step 1

Use simple, light lines to depict the silhouette of the Lamborghini Veneno. The vehicle body must be very flat and elongated.

how to draw a lamborghini veneno easy

Step 2

Now, using fairly angular lines, depict the wheel arches. The rear arch should be larger than the front. Next, depict the outlines of the front and rear bumpers.

how to draw a lamborghini veneno step by step easy

Step 3

In the front part, depict a long angular headlight of a very unusual shape. Next, depict the equally unusual bumper details.

how to draw a lamborghini veneno easy

Step 4

A fairly simple stage in which it will be necessary to depict the details of the rear bumper. To check if the drawing is correct, look at it through a mirror.

how to sketch a lambo

Step 5

Use a few curved lines to depict the window frame. The front corner of the window frame must be higher than the rear corner. In the front part, depict the side surface of the windshield.

how to depict a car

Step 6

Draw the pillar inside the window frame. Next, depict an angular long door. Finish the stage by depicting the necessary decorative lines of the fender.

depict a car

Step 7

At the top rear, depict a long, unusual spoiler. In the same stage, depict an angular rearview mirror and a handle in the form of a small rectangle.

sketch a car

Step 8

Get rid of all construction lines. Next, depict the perfectly round wheels. After that depict the rims inside them, which should be the same perfectly round.

how to draw a Lamborghini from the side

Step 9

Draw circles in the center of the rims. After that, start drawing the spokes that evenly diverge from the center to the edges.

how to draw a Lamborghini Veneno

Step 10

Add shadows to make your Lamborghini Veneno drawing more voluminous and convincing. Don’t forget to depict shadows on glass surfaces.

how to draw a Lamborghini Veneno

To further refine your Lamborghini Veneno drawing, you can add additional hatching layers. In addition, try visiting our other drawing instruction in order to learn how to draw cars even better and take your drawing skills to a higher level.

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