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How to Draw a Garbage Truck

how to draw a Garbage Truck

In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a garbage truck – a vehicle created specifically for transporting garbage.

The trash truck is a rather complex vehicle, but in order to make the drawing process easier for you, we have made the instruction as easy as possible. We removed all the additional details and got rid of the shadow stage. But of course, you can add all the necessary shadows and details at the end if you want.

How to Draw a Garbage Truck

Step 1

To draw a garbage truck, you first need to imagine it in the form of simple geometric shapes. First, depict the cab and large cargo area using simple, straight lines. Try drawing all these lines without a ruler.

how do you draw a garbage truck

Step 2

Now use straight lines to depict the cab. Make the corners rounded. Next, use a curved line to draw the wheel arch. Draw a bumper in the front.

how to draw a garbage truck easy

Step 3

Use a pair of curved lines to depict an arch below the cab. Then go to the cargo area and depict complex straight lines like in the example below.

how to draw an easy garbage truck

Step 4

Draw a large window on the cab. After that depict straight decorative lines on the back of the cab. Also, create a couple of long horizontal lines on the cargo area.

how to draw a garbage truck easy step by step

Step 5

Carefully get rid of all construction lines. Then depict the wheels that should be perfectly round. Complete the stage by depicting the rims inside the wheels.

how to draw a garbage truck step by step

Step 6

Depict small circles in the center of the rims. Then depict smaller circles around the center circles. These circles must be the same size.

how to draw a Garbage Truck easy

Step 7

Get rid of all unnecessary construction lines and make in the final finishing touches. Also, you can try adding shadows and highlights to make the garbage truck drawing look more voluminous.

how to draw a Garbage Truck

So, these were seven fairly simple stages on how to draw a trash truck. To give the artwork a more realistic and lively look, try coloring it and adding some inscriptions on the body.

If you have already done all this, then try to master drawing other cars using other drawing lessons from the artists of Drawcarz.com.

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