How to Draw an Abandoned Car

how to draw an abandoned car

Basically, on the pages of our site, we show you how to draw new cars, but now we want to show you how to draw an abandoned car.

In fact, the process of drawing new and old cars is practically the same. The main differences are that parts on an old or abandoned car should be more dilapidated, and the lines of the drawing are not so straight and smooth.

In addition, depicting the car without any part and with deflated wheels, you will add a more neglected look to the car. You can also add corrosion and scuffs to the body, which will visually make your drawn car even more old.


Step 1

Let’s start the guide on how to draw an abandoned car by depicting the outlines of the vehicle. We decided to draw an abandoned pickup truck, so as you can see, the outline of the car consists of a cab and a cargo part.

how to draw an abandoned car

Step 2

Now draw the front and rear arch. Here you should try to make these lines not as smooth as in the new car because the metal on the abandoned car deforms over time.

how to draw an abandoned car easy

Step 3

Draw massive, convex fenders above the front and rear arches. Next, connect these fenders using a horizontal line of the step. Draw the back of the truck and the top edge of the side.

how to draw an abandoned car for beginners

Step 4

Adjust the top of the cab to make it a little more smooth. Draw rounded front and side windows. In the same stage, draw a line separating the cab and the hood of the abandoned cab.

how to draw an abandoned car

Step 5

Now draw a door, the top of which should follow the outlines of the side glass. To make the handle look broken, draw it not horizontally, but diagonally. In the same stage, draw the details of the hood compartment.

how to draw a car

Step 6

Usually, when we draw wheels and rims, we try to make them perfectly round. But here you need to make them curved on the contrary. The underside of the tires should be thinner than the top to give the wheels a deflated appearance.

how to sketch a car

Step 7

Now remove all construction lines, and make all the necessary lines of the drawing more beautiful and clear. Add shadows to make your abandoned car drawing more voluminous and realistic.

how to draw an abandoned car

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