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How to Draw a Police Car

how to draw a Police Car

In this ten-stage drawing tutorial, the team of Drawcarz.com wants to show you how to draw a police car.

Despite its special status, this car does not look much different from any other car. First of all, we can distinguish a police car from any other car by the presence of flashing lights. The second sign of a police car is the characteristic lettering on the body. In addition, various additional lights, bullbars, or other auxiliary devices can often be found on police cars.

But if you do not take this into account, then the police car is drawn in almost the same way as any other car. But so that people understand exactly that you have drawn a police car, we want to build a drawing guide using the example of a Ford Crown Victoria – the most popular car in the US police of the past years.

How to Draw a Police Car

Step 1

So, in order to draw a police car and avoid mistakes, let’s start with the simplest. First of all, depict out the outlines of the police car with light long lines.

how to draw a simple police car

Step 2

Now draw the front and rear bumpers. They stick out quite strongly beyond the edges of the body. Next, draw the front and rear arch as simple semicircles.

how to draw a police car tutorial

Step 3

Use crisp and clean lines to correct the outline of the hood. Next, draw the visible part of the front and rear lights. In the same stage, depict the visible part of the front and rear windows.

how to draw a police car step by step for beginners

Step 4

Draw a window frame for the side windows between the front and rear windows. Use a couple of simple lines to depict a central pillar located in the middle of the window frame.

how to draw a police car easy steps

Step 5

Now draw the doors. Note that the front door should be slightly longer than the rear door, while the rear door should be curved to match the shape of the rear wheel arch.

how to draw an easy police car

Step 6

Draw a rearview mirror in the front corner of the window frame. Next to it, depict an additional lamp, which serves so that the police officer can better see what is happening in the dark.

how to draw a police car realistic

Step 7

On the roof, directly above the central pillar, depict the flashing lights, or rather the side surface of this detail. Next, draw the characteristic handles and the window dividing line at the back.

how to draw a police car step by step easy

Step 8

Get rid of all the auxiliary construction lines, as they are no longer needed. Draw the wheels that need to be perfectly round. Then draw equally round rims inside them.

how to draw a police car step by step

Step 9

Draw circles in the center of the rims. Then draw smaller circles around them. The distance between these circles should be the same, as well as the sizes of the circles.

how to draw a Police Car eas y

Step 10

Add some shadows to make your police car drawing more voluminous and convincing. Start with the darkest areas, that is, the inner surfaces of the arches, and work towards the lighter ones. Don’t forget to depict glare on glass surfaces.

how to draw a Police Car

If you have finished drawing a police car, then you can try to make it even better. For example, you can draw a bullbar in front and draw the necessary police markings on the surface of the body.

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