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How to Draw an Opel Astra

How to draw an Opel Astra

At DrawCarz.com we most often show you how to draw very cool sports cars and supercars, but today we want to show you how to draw an Opel Astra. Yes, this car is not a supercar, but it is very cool for a fairly quick ride, especially the versions with sports engines.

How to Draw an Opel Astra

Step 1

Usually, we start by depicting the skeleton, the base of the future vehicle, and the tutorial on how to draw an Opel Astra is no exception. Using very rough and loose lines, depict this very skeleton as in the image by DrawCarz.com.

How to sketch a Opel Astra

Step 2

Now let’s add the most important and integral parts of the Opel Astra. First of all, depict the tires, which have to be perfectly round. After that, depict the front and rear lights and a smooth line of windows.

How to draw a Opel Astra step by step

Step 3

In this phase of the instruction on how to draw an Opel Astra, we continue to add important elements. Depict the lines of the windows that go into the lines of the doors. Then depict the rims inside the wheels, the front air intake and the rearview mirror.

How to draw a simple car

Step 4

Starting from this stage we will use the finishing, that is, darker lines. Let’s start from the very nose of the Opel, tracing all the details that we depicted in the previous stages. All elements must be clear and dark.

How to draw a car easy

Step 5

Now smoothly proceed to the roof of the Astra. As in the previous stage, trace the image with dark and clean lines, as in the image from the artists of DrawCarz.com. Remember to wipe off auxiliary lines.

How to draw an Opel

Step 6

So, next in line is the back of our Opel Astra. Draw the profile for the rear, forming the trunk and the rear bumper. We remind you that the lines should be clean as morning dew, just like ours, artists of DrawCarz.com.

How to draw an Opel Astra easy step by step

Step 7

At this stage, we will actually finish depicting the body of the Opel Astra. So, with smooth and beautiful lines, darken everything that you sketched in the stages earlier, making everything more clear and detailed. Depict the door handles and get rid of all the guidelines.

Opel Astra drawing guide

Step 8

In this stage, we will actually finish drawing the Opel Astra. As in all our other articles, the last stage is about rims. Repeat their lines as in the examples from the artists of DrawCarz.com or come up with your own design.

Opel Astra drawing tutorial

Step 9

The last stage of the tutorial on how to draw an Opel Astra, and by tradition we need to work with shadows. Firstly, create glare with simple strokes on glass surfaces, then using dense hatching, draw shadows in the places where the artists of DrawCarz.com did in the artwork below.

Opel Astra drawing

The instruction on how to draw an Opel Astra is complete. The team of DrawCarz.com hopes that it was able to complete the task, that is, taught you how to draw an Opel Astra. So is it or not? Email us about it. The crew of DrawCarz.com reads absolutely all of your comments and answers many of them.

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