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How to Draw a Monster Truck

How to draw a Monster Truck

A monster truck is usually a pick-up truck, modified or specially built with very large wheels, a high-speed suspension, and a very powerful engine. Such cars are created both for participation in special competitions called monster jam, including off-road racing, jumping over obstacles, and various acrobatic numbers, and for everyday use. In this step-by-step instruction, we want to pay tribute to these mastodons of the world of automobiles and show you how to draw a monster truck.

How to Draw a Monster Truck

Step 1

In one of the previous drawing guides, we showed how to draw a Ford truck. So the first steps of these guides almost coincide. That is, we need to outline the body of the monster truck in the form of a loose sketch.

How to draw a Monster Truck easy step by step

Step 2

And here we already see a rather strong difference from the usual truck. We are talking about hypertrophied giant wheel arches. Mark them, as well as the window line and the lights with the same loose lines.

How to draw a Monster Truck pickup

Step 3

And now we will depict the detail which fundamentally distinguishes this monster truck from any other truck – giant monster wheels. Let’s add them and not a less monstrous suspension.

How to draw a cool Monster Truck

Step 4

To make our drawing look like a complete work of art, we detail it. Following our rules, we start with the front end, circling all the details, including the hood, lights, and suspension elements.

How to draw a Monster Truck step by step

Step 5

The lines of the previous step should be continued with the lines that we will draw in this step. Here we need to describe the cabin, including a single window and a door.

How to draw a Monster Truck easy

Step 6

The back of the monster truck also strongly distinguishes this car from ordinary trucks. Let’s go through all the details of the rear, such as the cargo area, body amplifiers, and rear suspension components.

How to draw a Monster Truck for beginners

Step 7

The wheels of this monster must also be powerful and impressive. Let’s circle these giant tires, add simple rims and a rough tread pattern. In addition, draw the rest of the suspension.

Monster Truck drawing tutorial

Step 8

The monster truck drawing is almost complete, but it looks quite flat. To get rid of this and make the picture more voluminous, we need to draw shadows and highlights.

Monster Truck drawing

A powerful and cool monster truck is something that catches the eye and makes people feel like jubilant children. And now you know exactly how to draw a monster truck, you can surprise your friends and acquaintances with cool drawings of these automobile mastodons.

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