How to Draw a Pickup Truck

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how to draw a Pickup Truck

In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a pickup truck – a light truck with an enclosed cab and an open cargo area.

A huge number of very different pickup trucks have been created in the world, each of which has certain distinctive features. In this guide, we will try to show you the most important points that will be useful for you if you want to draw any truck.


Step 1

The first stage is to carefully depict the silhouette of the body using very light lines. At this stage, the cabin and the cargo area should already be very distinguishable.

how to sketch a pickup truck

Step 2

At the bottom of the truck body, depict the square wheel arches with rounded angles. In the front and rear of the body, depict the front and rear bumpers.

how to draw a pickup truck

Step 3

Correct the upper part of the body with clearer and more beautiful lines. Next, depict the windows and the central pillar as shown in the sketch from the artists of

how to draw a pickup truck simple

Step 4

In the lower front corner of the window frame, depict a vertically elongated rear-view mirror. In the same stage, carefully depict the doors. The bottom line of the doors should be perfectly straight.

how to draw a pickup truck from the side

Step 5

In the front of the cab, depict the side visible part of the radiator grille and headlight. Depict the handles on the doors using simple lines. Depict the step and molding at the bottom of the cab.

how to draw a pickup truck step by step

Step 6

Get rid of all auxiliary lines from the drawing with an eraser. Next, depict perfectly round wheels and equally perfectly round rims inside them.

how to draw a pickup truck step by step easy

Step 7

Depict circles in the center of each rim. Next, depict circles of even smaller sizes around these small circles. These circles should be the same size and should be equally spaced.

how to draw a pickup truck easy

Step 8

In the last stage of the instruction on how to draw a pickup truck, we will add shadows. Start by creating the darkest shadows, then gently work towards the lighter areas. In the same stage, depict highlights on the windows.

how to draw a Pickup Truck

As we said, the stages from this instruction on how to draw a pickup truck will be useful for drawing any other truck. Therefore, try to draw some other track using the knowledge gained in this guide. In addition, visit our other articles to understand how to draw other car bodies.

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