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How to Draw a Delorean DMC

 How to draw a Delorean DMC

What comes first to your mind when you hear the phrase “Back to the Future”? Exactly – DeLorean DMC-12! It is this legendary car from the 80s that we will learn to draw in this lesson about how to draw a DeLorean DMC-12.

How to Draw a Delorean DMC

Step 1

The body of the DeLorean is made in the classic wedge-shaped manner of supercars from the 80s. In this first step, we depict this very angular wedge-shaped body in the form of a light sketch.

Delorean DMC drawing guide

Step 2

Almost all the details (for example mirrors and window lines) in this car are angular as if during the creation, the designers used only a ruler. But this of course does not apply to the wheels. And in this step, we will depict the details mentioned above.

How to draw a sports car

Step 3

We continue to draw angular and not very angular details. Let’s depict the wing door that is sufficiently standard for the 80s, bumpers, and large arches.

How to draw a Delorean car

Step 4

So, now it seems time to pick up a ruler or become very attentive because we will need to begin to circle our DeLorean. In this step, we will circle the front as in the picture below.

How to draw a Delorean DMC car

Step 5

Despite its stunning design, the DeLorean DMC-12 was not very convenient, including because of its windows. In this fifth step, we depict the roof flowing in the back and the angular windows line.

How to draw a car from 80s

Step 6

In the sixth step of the guide about DeLorean DMC-12, we will deal with the back. You will need to trace in clear lines all the details of the back that was drawn earlier and add moldings and exhaust pipe.

How to draw a car from back to the future

Step 7

In this seventh step, straight lines dominate. Circle the wing door and depict details such as the molding, the handle and the side skirt.

How to draw a Delorean car

Step 8

DeLorean DMC has very recognizable eighties-style rims. We think you remember how they look. But in for simplicity of drawing in this guide, we used a little more simple rims. Draw them and circle the round tires.

Delorean DMC drawing tutorial

Step 9

It is time for the final touches that are shadows and highlights. Draw them as we did in the image below to transform your two-dimensional layout into a cool three-dimensional drawing of DeLorean DMC-12.

 How to draw a Delorean DMC

As mentioned above, this car literally exudes the spirit of the 80s. Lines, as if drawn by a ruler, futuristic design, and impetuous view. And if you always dreamed of learning how to draw a DeLorean DMC-12, now you are able to do it!

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