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How to Draw a Truck

How to draw a Truck

The team of DrawCarz.com knows that you like to draw trucks, and so now we want to show you a kind of basic instruction on how to draw a truck. Here, the artists of DrawCarz.com will collect absolutely the whole process, all the principles, and tips in order to accurately and beautifully draw a truck easily and quickly.

How to Draw a Truck

Step 1

Firstly, depict the silhouette of the body by very general and rough lines. Trucks are often quite large and rough, and the silhouette created at this stage should also be massive.

How to sketch a Truck

Step 2

Starting from this stage, we will depict the most basic and integral parts of the truck drawing. The first thing to do is portray perfectly round tires. After that, create the front and rear rectangular lights. Complete this stage by depicting a window line.

How to draw a Truck step by step easy

Step 3

Continuing the instruction on how to draw a truck. Depict square arches, then create rims inside the tires. By square shapes depict the front and rear bumpers. Complete this stage by creating doors and a large rectangular rearview mirror.

How to draw a Truck for beginners

Step 4

Starting from this stage, you need to trace the truck drawing to give it a finished look. Start from the very nose, tracing everything as the artists of Drawcarz.com did.

How to draw a Truck easy

Step 5

Now let’s move on to the cab, or rather to the roof of the cab. By smooth, but at the same time very dark lines trace the roof and windows, giving them a really clear and aesthetic appearance.

 How to draw a pickup Truck

Step 6

At this point, we must complete the front of the pickup truck. Trace the doors, creating design lines on them. After that, depict the handles and get rid of the guidelines.

How to draw a realistic Truck

Step 7

This stage of the tutorial on how to draw a truck will be super easy. Clear and dark lines and trace the cargo part and the taillights with the bumper. At the end of the phase, get rid of all the guidelines.

How to draw a Truck step by step

Step 8

This stage will be much more complicated, and here you need to be as careful as possible because here you will need to depict the rims. You can either repeat everything as in the example from the DrawCarz.com artists or come up with your own rims design.

Truck drawing tutorial

Step 9

We are finally at the last stage of the instruction on how to draw a truck, which means that we will give the artwork some realism and volume. To do this, create highlights and shadows in the places where DrawCarz.com artists did in the work under these lines.

Truck drawing

Above was the last stage, and this is the afterword of the instruction on how to draw a truck. Which cars do you like the most? Which vehicle do you want to learn to draw? Write to us about this and about everything you think about because the team of DrawCarz.com reads all your comments and answers many of them.

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