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How to Draw a Race Car

How to draw a Race Car

Race cars – cars designed and built specifically for automotive competitions, both for mass races and to set speed records. There are racing cars that are created exclusively for racing, and cars that are also mass-produced. In this drawing guide about how to draw a race car, we’ll show you the second option, because we show the process of drawing on Lamborghini Huracan.

How to Draw a Race Car

Step 1

Since this is a racing car, we depict a wedge-shaped outline in the form of a light sketch. The left part (front) should be noticeably narrower than the right (rear).

How to sketch a Race Car

Step 2

Racing cars have very large and wide tires for better road grip, a narrow window frame and a large spoiler to create a large downforce. With loose lines mark these details.

How to draw a Race Car step by step

Step 3

Racing cars generally have one door on each side, a low-mounted bumper and small mirrors so as not to create unnecessary interference with aerodynamics. These details should also be created with light lines.

How to draw a realistic Race Car

Step 4

Our picture still looks like a sketch, and it’s time to give the drawing more clarity. Circle the details of the front part as we did in the figure below.

How to draw a Race Car for beginners

Step 5

As you can see, the window frame is really very narrow, and the roof is low and sloping, it is made in order to achieve greater aerodynamicity. Circle these details as in our picture below these words.

How to draw a cool Race Car

Step 6

As mentioned above, race cars have a very large and powerful spoiler, as well as a fairly massive back and large arches, which we will have to circle in this sixth step.

How to draw a realistic Race Car easy

Step 7

Now let’s let circle the only long door on this side of the body and a large air intake that is designed to cool the brakes. By the way, in order for the drawing to look cleaner, we must clean up the extra lines with a eraser.

How easy to draw a Race Car

Step 8

Rimes on modern racing cars are not only practical, but also look very stylish. Depicture the rims as in our race car drawing or for example as in our guide about Ferrari.

Race Car drawing tutorial

Step 9

The drawing instruction about how to draw a race car has come to an end, but it still looks too flat. In order to correct this situation, we will depict some shadows and highlights.

Race Car drawing

Almost all major car brands create race cars in order to participate in races. Today we drew a racing car on the example of Lamborghini, but you can draw a racing car of any other company using our steps from this guide.

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  1. i drew the model T (ford) it was super easy its so simply awesome and not hard to do so i want to do this race car car because it looks cool

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