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How to Draw a Ford Tuscany

How to draw a Ford Tuscany

For many decades, Ford has been creating very cool pickup trucks that are popular all over the world. And in this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw a Ford Tuscany.

How to Draw a Ford Tuscany

Step 1

The body of any pickup truck consists of the front part (cabin) and the rear part (cargo platform). In the first step, we need to depict these details in the form of a loose sketch.

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Step 2

As we said in the guide about how to draw a Ford truck, this company has a rather unusual window frame and headlights. In this step, we depict these parts as well as quite ordinary round tires.

How to draw a Ford

Step 3

Doors and bumpers on Ford pickups also look quite standard. Depict them and round arches as we did in the picture below.

How to draw a pickup truck

Step 4

The loose sketch drawn in the previous steps should be turned into a full-fledged drawing. To do this, we will gradually trace all the details, starting from the front.

Step 5

Next, we need to circle the upper part of the cabin, which consists of the roof, the upper part of the doors, and windows. Circle these details and depict the rectangular mirror.

How to draw a Ford

Step 6

In this step, we’ll finish tracing the Ford Tuscany cab. That is, we circle the rest of the doors, draw handles, and step in the bottom part.

How to draw a Ford Truck

Step 7

The last detail of the body, but it is probably the most important for any pickup truck – the cargo part. Circle this detail, as well as the taillight and the rear arch.

How to draw a Ford Tuscany step by step easy

Step 8

The wheels of trucks are often purely utilitarian so that they have a fairly powerful tread pattern and a simple rims pattern. Draw these details clean and beautiful.

How to draw a Ford Tuscany step by step

Step 9

To complete our drawing guide on how to draw a Ford Tuscany, we will depict some shadows to make our truck real and voluminous.

Ford Tuscany drawing

This is actually one of the many trucks that Ford makes. We made it so that using the steps from this drawing instruction you can draw any other pickup of this and any other company.

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