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How to Draw an Audi Car

how to draw an Audi Car

In this instruction, we will show you how to draw an Audi car – a car from one of the most famous companies in the world.

Previously, the team of Drawcarz.com had already shown how to draw various Audi models, but those cars were more sporty in nature.

In this instruction, we want to show a more familiar sedan car. Most of the Audi cars are made in this body, with the exception of cars with the Q letter in the name.

How to Draw an Audi Car

Step 1

To draw an Audi car without mistakes, you must first depict its main dimensions and place it on a sheet of paper. At this stage, the most important parts of the car body should already be visible.

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Step 2

Carefully depict the arches of the car in the shape of two semicircles. In the same stage, depict the outlines of the front and rear bumpers. Draw the visible parts of the front and rear lights just above the bumpers.

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Step 3

Now go to the top of the body and draw a window frame, the top of which looks like an arc, the bottom like a straight line. In the same stage, depict the doors and the windows.

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Step 4

With a few simple lines, depict the front window and rear window that goes into the trunk. Finish this stage by drawing the handles.

how to draw an audi

Step 5

Use a couple of lines to depict a center column in the middle of the window frame. Draw a small antenna on the top of the roof. Finish the stage by depicting a rearview mirror and a fog lamp.

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Step 6

Now draw the wheels, which should be perfectly round. Next, draw equally perfectly round rims inside the wheels. To check the proportionality of the Audi car drawing, look at it through a mirror.

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Step 7

Draw small circles in the center of each rim. Next, depict the spokes that evenly and smoothly diverge from the center to the edges, like the rays of the morning sun.

how to draw audi car step by step

Step 8

To give the Audi car drawing a more realistic and convincing look, add shadows, starting from darker areas and working towards lighter ones. In the same stage, depict highlights on the glass surfaces.

how to draw an Audi Car

Add additional shading layers to make your Audi car look even more 3D and realistic. Make the areas of transition of light to shadow more contrast and do not forget about midtones. This will make your Audi drawing more convincing.

If you have already brought your artwork to perfection, and you liked this instruction on how to draw an Audi car, then do not forget to visit our other articles to learn how to draw another cool car.

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