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How to Draw an Antique Car

how to draw an Antique Car

Our team is very fond of not only fast modern cars but also classic cars, so today we want to show you how to draw an antique car.

We really like these old cars, first of all, because they were not created by managers, but by real artists and engineers. They had a truly interesting and majestic look, which to this day attracts the eyes of people on the roads.

And today we want to show you how to draw an antique car precisely in order to remind you how interesting and stylish cars can be.

How to Draw an Antique Car

Step 1

First of all, sketch out the outlines of the car, and place it on the paper. The car should be long and create a feeling of heaviness and solidity.

how to draw cars

Step 2

Now depict the windshield and rear window. Draw the frame of the side windows between them. The contours of all windows should be very rounded.

how to draw a car

Step 3

In the front part, depict the bumper and the visible side of the headlight. Draw a wheel arch next to the bumper. Classic cars were often built without rear wheel arches.

how to draw an antique car easy step by step

Step 4

Now go to the back and draw the visible side of the taillight and the rear bumper. If it seems to you that the drawing is not quite even and proportional, then you can check it by looking at it through a mirror.

how to draw an antique car for beginners

Step 5

Separate the front glass from the rear by depicting the B-pillar. Next, draw a single long door. In the old days, more cars were made in the coupe body than in our time.

how to draw an antique car easy

Step 6

Now draw a long molding that runs through almost the entire side part of the car. In the back, draw decorative elements using a series of straight lines.

how to draw a vintage car

Step 7

In the lower front corner of the window frame, depict a round antique rearview mirror. Draw the door handle on the right side of the door. Don’t forget to depict the line one the hood.

how to draw antique cars

Step 8

Get rid of all unnecessary construction lines from your antique car drawing. Next, draw a round front wheel and a rim inside. The wheel, as well as the rim, must have a perfectly round shape. Don’t forget to draw the visible part of the rear wheel.

Antique Car drawing tutorial

Step 9

Draw a series of lines within the rims, as shown in the example drawn by the artists of Drawcarz.com. In those days, wheels were more often equipped with similar hubcaps instead of spoked rims.

how to draw an Antique Car easy

Step 10

Now let’s add shadows starting from the darkest areas, i.e. the wheel arches. Then gradually move to lighter areas. Don’t forget to add highlights to the glass surfaces.

how to draw an Antique Car

If you liked this instruction on how to draw an antique car, then most likely you will like our instructions from the Classic Cars category. Go to this section, find a guide for your taste, and learn to draw another car. Do not forget to share with us your wishes and criticism in the comments. We read all your comments and answer many of them.

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