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How to Draw a Tow Truck

how to draw a Tow Truck

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a tow truck – a car designed primarily for transporting other cars.

Any such truck is essentially an ordinary large truck with additional equipment installed in the back. Such cars appeared a long time ago, at about the same time when people realized that cars cannot always move under their own power.

Despite the fact that cars of this class now look a little different, we decided to use the most recognizable design, created back in the 20th century.

So, if you are ready, and your drawing supplies are waiting for a start, then scroll down the page below and start the guide on how to draw a tow truck.

How to Draw a Tow Truck

Step 1

By tradition, let’s start by depicting the largest details of the body with general rough lines. You can see that the tow truck drawing is now clearly divided into front and back parts.

how to sketch a car

Step 2

Now with the help of two semicircles depict the front and rear arches. Above the front arch, depict a characteristic volumetric fender that goes into the front bumper.

how to draw a tow truck

Step 3

Draw the visible side of the windshield. Next, draw the hood and the decorative element on it. Draw a hook on the front bumper. Correct the outline of the cargo part as in our example.

how to sketch a how to draw a tow truck for beginners

Step 4

Draw a side window, that located on the same level as the windshield. Then draw a door, the top line of which should exactly follow the outlines of the side window.

how to draw a tow truck side view

Step 5

Draw a beacon on the “forehead” of the truck. Next, depict a characteristic rearview mirror and a vertical dividing strip for the side window. Complete the step by drawing a handle and a step.

how to draw a tow truck from the side

Step 6

Now, carefully erase all the auxiliary construction lines that we no longer need. Draw the wheels and rims very carefully. They should be as round and smooth as possible.

how do you draw a tow truck

Step 7

The front of the tow truck is complete, let’s start drawing the details of the back. Start by drawing a vertical pole with a beacon at the top.

how to draw a big tow truck

Step 8

Next, draw a long winch that consists of two long straight lines and one circle. By the way, to practice drawing straight lines, try drawing this part without a ruler.

how to draw a simple tow truck

Step 9

So, we continue the instruction on how to draw a tow truck. In this stage, we will actually finish drawing the back of the truck. Draw a hook and line system as in our example.

how to draw a tow truck step by step easy

Step 10

Draw circles in the middle of the rims. Next, draw smaller circles around these circles, which should be located at the same distance from each other.

how to draw a tow truck step by step

Step 11

So let’s give our tow truck drawing a more voluminous and convincing look. To do this, add shadows, starting with the darkest areas, and working towards the lighter ones. Don’t forget to add highlights to the windows and lamps.

how to draw a Tow Truck

If you have coped with this instruction, and your drawing of a tow truck is similar to that drawn by the artists of Drawcarz.com, then it’s time to learn how to draw something new. To do this, find the desired guide through the categories menu or the search box, and start the drawing process.

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