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How to Draw a Car from Back

How to draw a car back view

As you can see from the name of our site, we here show how to draw cars. We mainly draw cars either from the side or in half a turn. But in order to understand the principle of drawing a car, you need to be able to depict all the details from all sides. In this not very difficult tutorial, we will show how to draw a car from back on the example of Mercedes-Benz CLS.

How to Draw a Car from Back

Step 1

Depict the trunk and roof with two simple geometric shapes. The trunk is flat at the bottom and slightly curved at the top, and the sidelines of the roof expand smoothly as it gets closer to the trunk.

How to sketch a car from the back

Step 2

To make our drawing look more like a car, we depict the most basic details. Depict the top edge of the trunk and the tail lamps. The shape and location of these details depend on the nature and style of your future car. On the sides, we are depicting the mirrors and tires. Note that the wider the tires, the more sporty your car will look.

How to draw a back of a car

Step 3

Making our drawing more like a car. Add such essential parts as the rear window and exhaust pipes. The nature of your car also depends on their number and type. Also, depict the line of the bumper under which will be located a registration plate.

How to draw a car

Step 4

All that we did before – sketched the most important lines with rough lines. From the fourth step, we will circle everything, make the drawing clean and complete. Circle the details of the upper part as in the picture below, making the lines clean a smooth.

How to draw a car from the back easy

Step 5

Repeat the same actions but with the bottom of our car. That is, here we are faced with the task to circle all the remaining details with dark and clear lines and remove all unwanted lines. Add such details as air intakes, registration plate, and logo.

How to draw a car from the back step by step

Step 6

To make your drawing of the car from back look truly realistic, and it seemed that it literally stands before you, you need to add some shadows. They should be located in areas where there is no light or at the places of bends.

How to draw a car from the back

So, if you followed our steps exactly, then you can draw a car from the back. This lesson, as well as all our lessons from the “Basic” category, is intended to show the most important principles of drawing a car. All that we have shown in this instruction is suitable for drawing any other cars from the back. To draw your favorite car from this point of view, simply find a photo on the Internet or take a picture by yourself and use the steps presented by us to draw the car you want.

In the future, we will show how to draw a car from front, side and top, so be sure to visit DrawCarz in order not to miss the release of our new sketching guides.

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