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How to Draw a Chrysler 300c

How to draw a Chrysler 300c

Chrysler 300c is a real American cruise liner for roads. This car is dearly loved by many, and in our opinion, it is a true heir of the good old American cars. This is a big car with brutal features, luxurious equipment, and good driving characteristics. So, enough to praise the car, let’s begin the process of learning how to draw a Chrysler 300c.

How to Draw a Chrysler 300c

Step 1

Chrysler has a very large body and a sufficiently narrow window line, which gives the 300c a brutal look. Keep in mind that in the future we will have to erase the drawn lines of the first three steps, so do not overdo it with darkness of lines.

How to draw a Chrysler car

Step 2

The car will not be able to budge without wheels, and the driver will not be able to see anything without windows. As you understand, now we need to depict these very details. Besides them, mark the wheel arches and lights.

Learn how to draw a Chrysler 300c

Step 3

Doors are another important and integral part of any car (although the cool cops in films prefer to jump into the car bypassing the doors). So, depict the doors of the Chrysler, rims, and mirrors.

How to draw a Chrysler 300c easy step by step

Step 4

The loose sketch of the Chrysler 300c is completed, and it is time for us to make this beautiful car clearer and more even. Let’s circle the details of the front end and depict a fairly massive grille.

How to sketch a Chrysler 300c

Step 5

The same actions we need to do with the top of our Chrysler 300c. So circle everything and do not forget to depicture the lines of the doors, because otherwise, the passengers of your car will not be able to enter it.

How to draw a car

Step 6

Pretty simple, but at the same time no less important step. Circle the trunk, rear lights, massive (you will often read this word in this drawing guide) rear bumper and arch.

How to draw a Chrysler

Step 7

The Chrysler 300c has a very high belt line, which gives this full-size luxury car an even more serious and brutal look. In this seventh step, we will need to circle the side and remove unwanted lines.

How to sketch a Chrysler 300c

Step 8

The rims give the car a finished look, and it is them that we will draw in the eighth step. Multi-spoke rims, as in our picture, will give the car a luxury look, but you can draw standard five-spoke wheels.

Chrysler 300c drawing tutorial

Step 9

We probably do not need to explain why we need the shadows in drawings (explanation: for greater realism). All that remains for you to do is to simply draw the shadows and glare. If you want to achieve even more realism, you can color the resulting vehicle.

Chrysler 300c drawing

So, the guide about how to draw a Chrysler 300c is done. It’s amazing what a different reaction causes one car in different countries of the world. Chrysler 300c is just such a car. In some countries this car is adored, in others, it is hated. We believe that very few cars in our time can boast the spirit of the old school cars, and it is quite possible that the Chrysler 300c is one of those that can.

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