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How to Draw a Maserati

How to draw a Maserati

The crew of DrawCarz.com is very fond of drawing sports cars, and to teach our readers this. And so today we will show you how to draw Maserati. This super cool supercar has unusual contours and details that we will tell how to portray in this instruction on how to draw a Maserati.

How to Draw a Maserati

Step 1

Firstly, depict the silhouette of the sports car. The lower part has very smooth lines, and the upper part is depicted using an elongated curved line.

How to sketch a Maserati MC12

Step 2

Now, using two perfect circles, portray the tires. In the nose portray the headlights. In the upper part, depict unusual lines of the windows.

How to draw a Maserati car

Step 3

Create perfectly round shapes of the rims inside the tires. Depict a neat rearview mirror and a hypertrophied huge spoiler. Surround the wheels with semi-circular arches.

How to draw a super car

Step 4

From this stage we will use the finish lines. Firstly, trace the nose, as did the artists of DrawCarz.com in the image below.

How to draw a sports car

Step 5

Now, using very clear and dark lines, create details in the upper part of the Maserati. Try to repeat all the details, as did the artists of DrawCarz.com.

How to draw a Maserati step by step

Step 6

The low and sloping roof here smoothly passes into the tail of the Maserati. Trace the rear bumper and the hyper large spoiler.

How to draw a Maserati

Step 7

Now let’s depict the details on the lateral surface of the Maserati. Here you can see the door and the outline of the air intake, curved in an unusual way.

How to draw a Maserati MC12 easy

Step 8

Now let’s create the rims inside the tires. Firstly, depict the central part and the spokes evenly diverging towards the edges and move to the last stage of the tutorial on how to draw a Maserati.

Maserati MC12 drawing tutorial

Step 9

To make the Maserati drawing voluminous, let’s portray the shadows. Put them in the places where it is done by the artists of DrawCarz.com. Do not forget to show glare on the windows.

Maserati drawing

So, this was the instruction on how to draw a Maserati. The crew of DrawCarz.com tried very hard to make everything as simple as possible. Write to us if we could do this? Also, write to us what drawing instructions of supercars and other cars you would like to see on the pages of DrawCarz.com.

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