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How to Draw a Pagani Huayra

How to draw a Pagani Huayra

The Rear-wheel drive coupe Pagani Huayra has been produced in small series in Italy since the end of 2011. The creators of the supercar paid the closest attention to its aerodynamics, and also equipped the car with four electronically controlled moving elements that increase downforce acting on the car when driving at high speeds. Not only engineers but also designers worked well on the supercar. And today we will feel a little like the designers of this car in this drawing guide about how to draw a Pagani Huayra.

How to Draw a Pagani Huayra

Step 1

As mentioned above, the design of this car is truly impressive. Designers have achieved this with unusual body style, which we will now depict in the form of a loose sketch.

How to draw a Pagani

Step 2

Using a compass (or without it, if you can), mark the big round tires, the outlines of the windows line, and the lights. All these lines also should not be dark.

How to draw a car

Step 3

The arches of supercars, like wheels, must be very large and the shape of the doors is very unusual. It is these details, as well as the mirror, we must depicture in this step.

How to draw a cool car

Step 4

To make the Pagani Huayra drawing beautiful and clean, we will circle our drawing with clear lines. In the fourth step, we must circle the entire front, as we did in the picture below.

How to draw a sports car

Step 5

The roof is probably the most intricate part of this already interesting car. In the fifth step, we will need to circle the lines of the windows and the roof.

How to draw a Pagani car

Step 6

Lights of Pagani Huayra are very stylish and unusual, both front and rear. Draw their smooth shape and rear bumper with rear arch.

How to draw a Pagani Huayra step by step

Step 7

The side part of this hypercar is probably even more complex and sophisticated than its roof. With confident hand, movements circle the door and all the lines you see in our image below.

How to sketch a Pagani Huayra

Step 8

Surprisingly, the wheels of the Pagani Huayra are quite classic. Depict the multi-spoke rims as we did, or complicate their design, such as in our Bugatti Chiron drawing tutorial.

Pagani Huayra drawing guide

Step 9

In order for our cool hypercar to be more similar to the real one, we need to play a little with light and shadows. Add highlights and shadows as shown in our figure below these words.

Pagani Huayra drawing

From point A to point B, this car does not travel but literally teleports. But speed is not the only thing that is remarkable in Pagani Huayra. Another indisputable advantage of this hypercar is its design, and in this drawing guide about how to draw Pagani Huayra we comprehended the principles of the creation of such a classy appearance.

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