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How to Draw a Simple Car

how to draw a Simple Car

In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a simple car. This guide is for those who want to draw a cool and realistic enough car in the simplest way.

To make the drawing process as simple as possible, the team of Drawcarz.com removed the shadows and divided the tutorial into eleven very simple stages.

For an illustrative example, we decided to take a BMW but using the stages below, you can of course depict any other car.

If you complete all the stages and want to complicate the artwork, you can add shadows or colors, making the car drawing more voluminous.

How to Draw a Simple Car

Step 1

First of all, depict the contours of the car’s body with light lines. At this stage, we mark the main dimensions of the car and place it on a piece of paper.

easy how to draw a car

Step 2

Now draw the front and rear arches as two smooth and even semicircles. In the same stage, draw the lower edges of the front and rear bumpers.

easy steps to draw a car

Step 3

Draw the top line of the window frame that goes into the outlines of the doors. In the same stage, depict the visible side part of the front window.

how to draw a very simple car

Step 4

Draw the center pillar in the middle part of the window frame. Divide the front and rear doors with a vertical line. Complete the stage by drawing the front and rear door handles.

how to draw a beautiful simple car

Step 5

Draw the visible side part of the front light and rear lamp. Next, carefully draw the front and rear bumpers. Depict the air intake on the front bumper below the headlight.

how to draw a car in a simple way

Step 6

Draw a rearview mirror in the front corner of the window frame. Next, depict the line of the hood that connects the headlight and windshield.

how to draw a simple picture of a car

Step 7

Draw wheels and rims inside them. These parts should be as round and proportional as possible. To check this, look at your car drawing through a mirror.

how to draw a car simple and easy

Step 8

Now take the eraser and carefully get rid of all the auxiliary construction lines that we depicted in the first stages. Darken the important lines of the artwork.

how to draw a simple car from the side

Step 9

Now let’s draw the rims. Start by drawing circles in the center of each rim. Then draw the lines of the spokes, evenly diverging towards the edges of the rims.

how to draw a simple car for beginners

Step 10

Finish off drawing the rims by adding the rest parts of the spokes. At this stage, the rims should be somewhat like a cut orange.

how to draw a simple car step by step

Step 11

Check your simple car drawing. Move away from it or bring it up to a mirror. If you find mistakes, then go back to the stage where this mistake was committed and try to repeat everything, correcting the necessary part.

how to draw a Simple Car

If you completed all the stages and did not encounter difficulties, and your car drawing is similar to ours, then try to guide on how to draw a 3D car.

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