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How to Draw a Tesla Roadster

How to draw a Tesla Roadster

Good or bad, but the time of good old gasoline cars is slowly but surely coming to an end. To replace them come economical, more advanced, and fast electric cars. And one of the best electric cars is the Tesla Roadster, which develops incredible speed and looks like a real work of art. So, we to the process of learning how to draw a Tesla Roadster.

How to Draw a Tesla Roadster

Step 1

Tesla Roadster – the car that is the top of engineering. This is expressed also in the aerodynamic body, which we will have to depict in this step.

Tesla Roadster drawing tutorial

Step 2

The wheels of the Tesla Roadster are very large and the window line is very narrow, which is quite standard for any sports car. Mark these details and lights with loose lines.

How to draw a realistic Tesla Roadster

Step 3

Frame the wheels with large arches and depict the door (since this is a sports car, the door should be the only one at this side). As you can see, there are no mirrors here, as their function is performed by cameras.

How to draw a Tesla car

Step 4

In the third step, we completed sketching the loose sketch of the electric vehicle. To turn this sketch into a full-fledged car drawing, we will begin to circle it, and we will do it from the front.

How to draw a Tesla Roadster easy step by step

Step 5

Now we circle the flat and sloping roof and a stylish narrow window line. By the way, pay attention to how unusually the car looks without such usual details as mirrors.

How to draw a Tesla Roadster step by step

Step 6

The back of the car looks quite normal, despite the fact that this is probably the most unusual car. Let’s circle this part of the body as we did in the figure below.

How to draw a Tesla Roadster side view

Step 7

Tesla Roadster tries to keep minimalism in detail. Let’s circle a few details on the side of our electric vehicle, including the door and stylish horizontal lines.

How to draw a Tesla Roadster easy

Step 8

And this is the most difficult part in the guide about how to draw a Tesla Roadster. Circle the round wheels and depicture the original Tesla rims as in our picture below.

Tesla Roadster drawing guide

Step 9

Our Tesla Roadster drawing looks very stylish, and it remains to add a bit of volume and naturalness. In order to achieve this goal, we simply draw shadows and highlights as we did in the image below.

Tesla Roadster drawing

So, dear friends, another one drawing guide has been completed, and we are sure that in its end you have learned how to draw Tesla Roadster. All you have to do is a practice to raise your drawing skills to a new level.

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    1. Tesla Roadster 2020 and 2021 are practically no different from what we drew in this lesson, except for the most insignificant small details. So you can safely use this lesson to draw Tesla Roadster 2020 and Tesla Roadster 2021 and add these very details, if necessary.

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