How to Draw a Cartoon Lamborghini

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini

If you love cartoon cars and Lamborghini, then this instruction on how to draw a cartoon Lamborghini is created especially for you.

The cartoon version of depicting a car is different from the realistic way. Basically, the differences are in the amount of detail and the presence of shadows.

To make drawing the cartoon Lamborghini as easy as possible, we’ve removed all shadows and additional details. We laid out the whole process of drawing into nine super simple steps, each of which contains super simple actions. We did everything in such a way that even the most inexperienced artist could learn how to draw a cartoon Lamborghini.


How to Draw a Cartoon Lamborghini

Step 1

First of all, depict the body of future Lamborghini. Create the shape of the body with light loose lines and place it correctly on a sheet of paper.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini from the side

Step 2

Now draw the large wheel arches using large semicircular lines. Sports cars have large wheels and the arches must be very large accordingly.

how to draw a cartoon car

Step 3

Now use a couple of long and curved lines to depict the Lamborghini window frame. Note that the front angle should be noticeably lower than the rear angle.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini car

Step 4

Draw an angular rearview mirror. Next, using a few straight lines, depict a long door and window separation lines. By the way, you can check the proportionality of your Cartoon Lambo drawing by looking at it through a mirror.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini for beginners

Step 5

Draw a long angular headlight on the hood. Depict an air intake between the door and the rear arch. On the back, draw the visible side of the tail light.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini

Step 6

Now is the time to add details to make the cartoon Lamborghini artwork even more expressive. In the front part, depict the air intake. Draw sidelights next to the arches.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini step by step

Step 7

Remove any unnecessary construction lines from your cartoon Lamborghini drawing. With very careful movements, depict the large wheels inside the arches. Draw rims, which should be perfectly round, just like the wheels.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini for kids

Step 8

Draw small circles right in the center of each rim. Next, place even smaller circles around these circles. These circles must be the same size and must be equidistant from each other.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini easy

Step 9

Delete any remaining construction lines and make the necessary finishing touches to bring your cartoon Lamborghini artwork to the look you can see below these lines.

how to draw a cartoon lamborghini

You can keep your cartoon Lambo either as in the last stage, or add colors and shadows. This will help to make your cartoon Lambo sketch even more interesting and voluminous.

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