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How to Draw a Taxi Car

How to draw a taxi car

With this simple lesson, you will learn how to draw a taxi car. This instruction is very simple and consists of only seven steps.

The DrawCarz team is glad to present you with a new exciting lesson in which you will learn how to draw a taxi car. This is a car rental with payment by the meter.

In this picture, you see a taxi car of standard shape. Outwardly, it is not much different from other cars that we see on the roads.

A distinctive feature is the presence of checkers, which are located on the car‘s roof. Squares are usually depicted on a checker, situated in a particular order.

This lesson will not be difficult, and you can easily complete it with the help of visual instructions. Each drawing step has a small hint to help you draw the next element correctly.

How to Draw a Taxi Car

Step 1

With the help of smooth lines depict the outline of the car. Use a thin line so that later you can easily correct your drawing if necessary.

how to draw a cartoon taxi

Step 2

Depict the front and rear wheel. Try to make smooth rounded lines and keep proportions. Both wheels must be the same size.

How to draw a taxi car easy

Step 3

Add the side window. To do this, draw a straight horizontal line in the middle part of the car body, draw the upper part using smooth lines. Depict the side mirror.

How to draw a taxi car for beginners

Step 4

With the help of straight and rounded lines draw the front and back door of the taxi car. Add door handles in the form of small elongated rectangles.

Step 5

Add front and rear lights. This is a very simple step.

simple taxi car drawing lesson

Step 6

Draw checkers on the roof of the car. First, add the outline with a smooth line, then depict small square checkers.

taxi car drawing guide

Step 7

Finish drawing. Carefully correct inaccuracies if necessary and then trace the outline of the drawing.

How to draw a cool taxi car

This was a simple step-by-step guide with which you learn how to draw a taxi car. We hope you enjoy this lesson. On our site, you can find other interesting lessons that will help you improve your artistic skills.

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