How to Draw a Cartoon Car

how to draw a cartoon car

On the pages of our site, you will most often come across very detailed drawings of cars, but so that children also get involved in drawing cars, we decided to create this guide on how to draw a cartoon car.

To make this instruction as simple as possible, we have removed all additional details and shadows. We left only the most important parts of the car and decomposed the drawing into seven very simple stages containing literally elementary actions.

So, if your art supplies are ready, then scroll down the page below to start the guide on how to draw a cartoon car.


How to Draw a Cartoon Car

Step 1

First, depict the lower part of the car body as a horizontally elongated figure. The top line should be slightly curved, while the bottom line should be perfectly straight.

cartoon car how to draw

Step 2

Now draw the roof of the car using a long arched line. In this stage, the outlines of the car are very similar to Charlie Chaplin’s hat.

how to draw a cartoon car from the side

Step 3

Use another acre line to draw the window frame. Draw the outlines of the doors in the lower part of the body. Remember to separate the front and rear doors with a straight vertical line.

how to draw a cartoon car for beginners

Step 4

Draw the headlight and taillight as vertically elongated ovals. Next, depict the bumpers as two rectangles with rounded corners.

how to draw a cartoon car easy for beginners

Step 5

Draw a B-pillar using a couple of vertical lines. Next, depict a rearview mirror and a round turn signal. Use two semicircular lines to draw the wheel arches.

how to draw a cartoon car step by step easy

Step 6

Now draw the wheels under the wheel arches. Draw rims inside the wheels. The rims, as well as the wheels, must have a perfectly round shape.

how to draw a cartoon car easy

Step 7

Now, with the help of an eraser, remove all unnecessary construction lines. Darken the necessary lines of the car drawing to make it more expressive and convincing.

how to draw a cartoon car

If you got to these lines, then most likely you have coped with the instruction on how to draw a cartoon car. To enhance your drawing, you can color it in or add shadows and highlights. In addition, you can add elements such as visible interior details, or the driver sitting in the car.

If this instruction seems too simple for you, then find more difficult car drawing guides. To do this, use the categories menu or the search box.

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