How to Draw a Lykan Hypersport

how to draw a lykan hypersport step by step

In this drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw Lykan Hypersport – Lebanese hypercar of limited production of W Motors.

This is a rather interesting car with a lot of details. But we hope that with the help of this instruction you can learn how to draw a Lykan Hypersport.


Step 1

First of all, depict the general silhouette of the car body using light lines. The bottom line should be very straight and the top line smooth and curved.

sketch a lykan hypersport

Step 2

Now use two curved lines to draw the wheel arches. In the front part, depict the headlights and bumper parts. In the back, also depict the taillight of the details below it.

how to depict a lykan hypersport car

Step 3

With a couple of simple and long lines depict the window frame and the air intake next to it. Next, in the front part, depict the windshield.

lykan hypersport car drawing

Step 4

Now, using clear and straight lines, depict the window and the door below it. Then depict decorative lines below the door. Try not to get confused by lines and details.

lykan hypersport drawing guide

Step 5

This stage of the instruction on how to draw a Lykan Hypersport will be easier. Using clear lines depict the mirror and decorative lines. To check the proportionality of the picture, look at it through a mirror.

lykan hypersport art

Step 6

Now take an eraser in your hand and get rid of all unnecessary construction lines. Next, using perfectly round lines, depict the wheels and rims inside them.

how to draw a lykan hypersport easy

Step 7

Depict circles in the middle of the rims. Next, using straight lines, depict the spokes evenly diverging around these circles to the edges of the rims.

how to draw a lykan hypersport

Step 8

Depict shadows starting from the darkest areas. Next, move on to lighter areas and highlights. To make the areas more contrasting, add additional layers of hatching.

how to draw a lykan hypersport step by step

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