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How to Draw a Dump Truck

 how to draw a dump truck

In this drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a dump truck using the example of the Belarusian BelAZ truck.

For an illustrative example, we decided to choose Belaz – one of the largest dump trucks on the planet earth. These trucks are manufactured in Belarus and supplied to a large number of countries around the world. Belaz vehicles are mainly used for work in quarries.

How to Draw a Dump Truck

Step 1

Let’s start the instruction on how to draw a dump truck by depicting the basic outlines using straight and rough lines. Here you need to depict the cabin and the cargo part.

draw a car

Step 2

Use clear and dark lines to depict the details of the upper part of the cab. In the same stage, detail the outlines of the cargo part.

how to draw a dump truck from the side

Step 3

Draw a window at the top of the cab. After that, next to the cab, depict an air cleaner. Use long, straight, and clear lines to draw the wheel arch.

how to draw a dump truck easy

Step 4

Use long, straight lines to depict a pattern on the side of the cargo part. To check proportionality, look at the truck drawing through a mirror.

how do you draw a dump truck

Step 5

Using straight and crisp lines, depict the details as in the example from the artist of Drawcarz.com. To check the proportionality of the truck drawing, you can move it away from you or turn it upside down.

easy way to draw a dump truck

Step 6

With the help of an eraser, get rid of construction lines in the artwork. Draw tires and rims inside them as large circles of the perfectly round shape.

how to draw a big dump truck

Step 7

Draw the rims inside the wheels in the shape of simple circles. Next, depict the details as shown in the example drawn by Drawcarz.com below.

how to draw a simple dump truck

Step 8

Get rid of any remaining construction lines and add the necessary finishing touches. In addition, you can add shadows to make the truck drawing more realistic.

 how to draw a dump truck

Apart from that, you can add colors and additional details. For example, you can depict the driver inside the cab and the load inside the cargo part.

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