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How to Draw a Realistic Car

How to draw a realistic car

Not so long ago we showed you how to draw a 3d car, and in this instruction, we will show you how to draw a realistic car.

Volume and realism in these articles are achieved by a relatively large amount of detail and the presence of a large number of complex shadows.

In this instruction on how to draw a realistic car, we will tell you how to depict all these details and how to apply shadows correctly to make the car look as realistic as possible.

How to Draw a Realistic Car

Step 1

First, depict the basic outline of the car. Use very light lines to mark the main curves and dimensions. The lines should be as light as possible because in the future they will be repeatedly adjusted.

draw a car easy

Step 2

Now draw the wheels as two perfectly smooth circles. At the top of the body, draw a window frame, the top line of which smoothly merges into the line of the air intake. Sketch the headlights in the front and back.

how to draw a realistic sports car

Step 3

Draw the wheel arches above the wheels in the front and rear with smooth lines. Depict the outlines of perfectly round rims inside the wheels. Adjust the appearance of the headlight using sharper and darker lines.

how to draw a realistic sports car step by step

Step 4

Carefully adjust the look of the hood and draw a line that separates the hood from the windshield. Depict decorative lines for the front air intake below the headlight. Don’t forget to draw the outline of the front bumper.

how to draw a realistic car easy

Step 5

Draw the visible part of the windshield. Next, draw the side glass and door. The back line of the door should follow the line of the air intake we drew in the second stage. In the same stage, depict a rearview mirror and a handle.

How to draw cars

Step 6

Carefully adjust the roof line to give it a smoother and more beautiful look. Next, go to the back, depicting the taillight and rear bumper details. Draw a light decorative line above the rear wheel.

How to draw a car

Step 7

Carefully remove all the construction lines from the car drawing. Make the necessary lines darker and depict the rims. First, create the central part of the rims, then depict the spokes diverging from the center to the edges.

realistic car drawing

Step 8

Start drawing shadows. First, draw shadows in the darkest places, that is, on the inner surface of the arches. Then gradually move to lighter areas using lighter hatching. Don’t forget to depict highlights on glass surfaces.

How to draw a realistic car

You can continue to add shadows, making the drawing more voluminous and the tones and halftones more varied. When drawing shadows, be sure to consider the rules of lights and shadows and aerial perspective. This will give the drawing a more solid and finished look.

If you liked our instruction on how to draw a realistic car, then try visiting our other guides to continue improving your car drawing skills.

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