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How to Draw a Mclaren P1

How to draw a McLaren P1

The McLaren company is known for its McLaren P1 race car recognized as one of the fastest cars. This car is not only the top of engineering but also a real work of art. Let’s dive into the process of drawing this supercar in this instruction on how to draw a McLaren P1.

How to Draw a Mclaren P1

Step 1

As already mentioned above, the body of the McLaren P1 is a true work of art. So let’s depict a smooth and rounded shape as in the figure below.

How to draw a McLaren P1

Step 2

Now we need to outline the most essential parts, such as tires and windows. As in the lesson about the sport car, you must depict the huge wheels and very narrow windows.

How to sketch a McLaren P1

Step 3

The integral parts of the car are also doors, lights, and rims. Mark all these details with very smooth, using literally flowing lines.

How to draw a super car

Step 4

Details – this is what makes the car realistic and really classy. Circle the intricate front lamps, hood, and bumper.

How to draw a McLaren sports car

Step 5

As already mentioned in the instruction about a sports car – the roof should be flat and smooth. In this step, we just draw it with very smooth lines.

How to draw a cool super car

Step 6

It may seem to you that in this step we did not do anything, but in fact, we circled the back of the McLaren, removing all unnecessary lines from there.

How to draw a McLaren P1 for beginners

Step 7

The side part of the McLaren is one of the most difficult. There are many complex lines and small details. Try to repeat everything exactly as in the picture below.

How to draw a McLaren P1 easy

Step 8

Wheels and rims – this is what completes the look of any car, giving the vehicle a finished look. Draw these details trying to make everything symmetrical.

How to draw a McLaren P1 side view

Step 9

To make your McLaren P1 draw not look as flat as a pancake, add some shadows. Make them with hatching, parallel or cross.

McLaren P1 drawing

The appearance of this coupe is simply gorgeous, the model looks really stunning. “Face” with two huge grooves, beautiful LED lights, which are made in the form of the company logo, and air intakes, which are beautifully combined with headlights. The side also has a large number of aerodynamic parts, rear-view mirrors are mounted on a large leg. Profile is simply gorgeous.

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