How to Draw a Bentley Continental GT

How to draw a Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT is a two-door, four-seat luxury coupe manufactured by Bentley Motors. And in this step by step drawing guide we will show how to draw a Bentley Continental GT.


Step 1

The body of the Bentley Continental looks very characteristic of the coupe, so in this first steps it makes it related to other luxury coupes, such as Mercedes S Coupe and BMW 8 series. Depict the body in the form of a loose sketch.

How to draw a luxury car

Step 2

The distinctive features of cars with coupe body are also large and powerful wheels, aggressive lights and a narrow window line. Depict all these details using very light and loose lines.

How to draw a Bentley Continental GT easy

Step 3

The rims of the coupe cars are almost always big and cool. In addition, an obvious feature is the presence of only one door on each side. Arches should also be very large, sketch them as in our picture.

How to draw a Bentley Continental GT step by step

Step 4

To make your Bentley Continental more natural and beautiful, you need to circle our luxury car starting from its front. Try to repeat everything as we did in the figure below.

How to draw cool car

Step 5

As mentioned above, the roof of our Bentley has a very flat and sloping roof. We will circle this detail as well as the windowы as we did in our drawing.

How to draw a Bentley

Step 6

Now we need to circle the back part, it should be brutal and stylish. We form the bumper and fairly small oval tail lamp as well as the rear arch.

How to sketch a Bentley Continental GT

Step 7

The side of our Bentley Continental looks very intricate and difficult. Here we need to circle the door and depict a handle. You also need to create an air intake and a long molding.

How to draw a Bentley Continental

Step 8

The rims will give your car a finished look. First trace the tires, creating a perfect circle and then depict the rims as we did in the image below.

Bentley Continental GT drawing

Step 9

At the end of the guide on how to draw a Bentley Continental GT, we have to draw shadows and highlights. Apply them in the areas where we did it.

Bentley Continental GT drawing

Before Bentayga, the Bentley Continental GT was the only valuable asset of the brand. Since its launch, the car was sold in seven tens of thousands of copies, was desirable on both sides of the ocean, had almost no competitors and alone covered the costs of maintaining the brand’s aristocratic “heritage”.

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