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How to Draw a BMW i8

BMW i8 drawing

In our opinion, the BMW i8 is a true work of art; we cannot select other epithets to describe how cool this sports car looks. Ornate lines, wing doors, and futuristic nature attract the views of millions of people. In this drawing instruction, we want to make you feel like the designers of futuristic cars and show you how to draw a BMW i8.

How to Draw a BMW i8

Step 1

Any car, including the BMW i8, begins with the contours of the body, and it is them that we will depict in this step. Depict everything in the form of a loose sketch. The body contours should be smooth because we draw a futuristic sports coupe.

How to draw a cool BMW i8

Step 2

BMW i8 is a very unusual car, and the features are mainly in the details that we will depicture in this step. Sharp lights, narrow window lines, and the contours of large tires should be outlined in this step.

How to draw a super car easy

Step 3

As you know, the doors of this car open upwards, so their lower edge is much higher than of ordinary doors. Depict this detail and rearview mirror. In the same second step, we create rims outlines. The loose sketch is complete, and it’s time to start the third step in which we will depict the details.

How to draw a super car

Step 4

Use clear and dark lines to make the front of the BMW i8 drawing more beautiful and clear. We depict the characteristic grille and extremely unusual headlights. In the same fourth step, we depict the hood and the unusual lines of the bumper.

How to draw a BMW i8 easy

Step 5

The roof of the BMW I8 is very characteristic of sports cars, that is, it is very flat and sloping. Also very characteristic of a BMW are such details as the antenna-fin and the Hofmeister kink – characteristic bend in the back of the window line. Circle all these details as in the instruction below.

BMW i8 drawing sketch

Step 6

In the BMW i8, everything is very unusual, including the details of the rear. Here we need to circle the lines of the backside creating intricate and complex outlines of tail lamps and rear bumper. Draw a powerful rear wing and no less powerful arch.

How to draw a BMW step by step

Step 7

Probably the most intricate step of the drawing guide about how to draw a BMW i8, and here we will need to complete the details of the side. Trace the door and all the complex details to get such a drawing as ours. At the end of this seventh step, you will need an eraser, with which you will need to clear the drawing.

How to sketch a BMW i8

Step 8

BMW i8 has very difficult rims, and your task is to repeat them so that they are like the rims of a real car. If these rims will be difficult to repeat, for a start you can draw a simpler design, such as in our drawing guide about the car for beginners.

BMW i8 drawing tutorial

Step 9

Shadows and highlights will help your BMW i8 look more realistic and natural. Apply them as in the picture below. Experiment with the number of layers of shadows and their location to understand the essence of how the shadows should look.

How to draw a BMW i8

Do not let BMW i8 mislead yourself. Under the emotional appearance is hiding a very rational car. Even such a detail as a lifting door is a practical element. Doors wings help to better position the charging cable. These and other elements were invented by engineers and designers of the BMW brand, and we hope that with the help of our drawing guides you are inspired to become a true auto designer, and in the future, you will be able to create no less impressive car than the BMW i8.

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