How to Draw a Tesla Model 3

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How to draw a Tesla Model 3

Previously, the team of has already shown you how to draw a Tesla Roadster, Model S and Model X, and now we will show how to draw a Tesla model 3 – the very initial model of Tesla company. Like the rest of our instructions, this one will be super easy, but in the end, you will get a very realistic Tesla Model 3 drawing.


Step 1

So, let’s start by depicting the silhouette of the electric car using very light and rough lines. Try to repeat everything as artists of did in the image below.

Tesla Model 3 drawing guide

Step 2

Now let’s portray the most important, integral parts of the electric car. Start with tires by portraying them as perfect circles. Then create front and rear lights. Complete this stage with an elegant window line.

How to draw a Tesla car

Step 3

Above the wheels, depict semicircular wheel arches. Next, depict the doors and graceful windows with loose lines. At the same stage, depict a beautiful rearview mirror.

How to draw a Tesla Model 3 step by step

Step 4

Starting from this stage we will delve into the small elements and will smoothly and gradually detail the parts of the electric car. Start from the front by carefully darkening everything as it is done in the image from the artists of below.

How to draw a Tesla Model 3 easy

Step 5

By smooth and beautiful lines depict a sloping roof and a fairly narrow window frame. At the same stage, trace the rear-view mirror and get rid of useless lines.

How to sketch a Tesla Model 3

Step 6

Now, by smooth and beautiful lines, trace the trunk and form the rear bumper and taillight. At this point, your Tesla Model 3 drawing has to look something like this:

How to draw an electro car

Step 7

So, at this stage, we will actually finish drawing the Tesla body. With sharp and beautiful lines, depict doors and conceptual L-shaped handles. Depict design lines and get rid of the guidelines.

How to draw a Tesla

Step 8

In this stage of the instruction on how to draw a Tesla Model 3, we will work with rims. Firstly depict the central part, then the curved spokes diverging from the core to the sides.

How to draw a Tesla Model 3 easy

Step 9

So, by hatching and short strokes, depict the shadows and highlights in those places that are indicated by the artists of in the artwork below. If you did everything right, then the instruction on how to draw Tesla Model 3 is completed.

Tesla Model 3 drawing

That’s all, dear readers of, the instruction on how to draw Tesla Model 3 is completed. What are your favorite electric cars? Would you like to learn how to draw electric cars from other companies? Do you like this manual and other articles written by the team of Write to us everything that you think, because we read everything that you write and answer many of them.

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