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How to Draw a Big Truck

how to draw a big truck

In this fairly simple instruction, we will show you how to draw a big truck – a vehicle specially designed for the transportation of especially large loads.

Such trucks are produced by a huge number of different companies, and each of them has its own characteristics. In this instruction, we traditionally chose the most average truck appearance so that the knowledge gained from the article is applicable to different types of large trucks.

So, if you are ready to draw, and your art tools are already in front of you, then scroll down the page and proceed to the instruction on how to draw a big truck.

How to Draw a Big Truck

Step 1

First, depict the outlines of the large car using barely visible lines. At this stage, the cab and long cargo area should be clearly visible.

how to draw cars

Step 2

Draw the front arch using a semicircular line. Now use smooth lines to correct the outline of the body. Finish this stage by depicting a line at the bottom of the cargo area.

big truck drawing tutorial

Step 3

Now let’s move on to the cabin to draw the details. Start by drawing the windshield and side window. Next, use simple straight lines to depict the door and decorative lines on the cabin.

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Step 4

In the front lower corner of the window, depict a vertically elongated rear-view mirror. Next, sketch the visible side of the radiator grille. Complete the stage by drawing the handle in the lower right corner of the door.

easy truck drawing

Step 5

Carefully get rid of all unnecessary construction lines. Now carefully depict the wheels. Draw the rims inside the wheels, which should have a perfectly round shape, like the wheels.

how to draw a big truck step by step

Step 6

Now carefully depict the details at the bottom of the cargo area as the artists of Drawcarz.com did. In order to check the correctness of the drawn details, you can look at your big truck drawing through a mirror.

how to draw a big truck easy

Step 7

Make the lines of the drawing darker and cleaner. Get rid of any remaining unnecessary lines. In addition, you can add shadows and highlights to make the large truck drawing more voluminous and convincing.

how to draw a big truck

These were seven fairly simple stages of the instruction on how to draw a big truck. If you would like to continue to improve your car drawing skills, then search for the desired guide through the search field or category menu and start creating.

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