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How to Draw a Nissan GT-R

How to draw a Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R is an absolute legend, recognized by many experts as the best sports car in history! Under the hood of this Japanese coupe hides a 3.8-liter engine producing 555 hp! Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes just an incredible 2.8 seconds. And now let’s learn how to draw a Nissan GT-R!

How to Draw a Nissan GT-R

Step 1

The body of the Nissan GT-R is very angular, and we need to display this in the first step in the form of light and loose sketch.

How to draw a super car

Step 2

Add the most necessary details, without which no car can exist. Depict the wheels, then the line of windows and lights.

How to draw a Nissan GT-R easy step by step

Step 3

Now add some more very important and integral parts. We are talking about the arch, sporty bumper, and a coupe door.

How to draw a Nissan easy

Step 4

In order for our Nissan GT-R drawing to look cool and natural, we need to circle all the details with a dark pencil, marker, or ink starting from the front.

How to draw a fast car

Step 5

The upper part of the Nissan GT-R looks quite unusual. Circle this part of the Japanese sports car as we did in the picture below.

How to draw a Nissan super car

Step 6

The back is also quite unusual. It is very massive and angular. Circle the spoiler and rear bumper, so that everything looks clean and beautiful.

How to draw a Nissan sports car

Step 7

In the seventh step, it seems that there are too many lines, but in fact, it is not. Circle the door and draw an unusual handle and air intake, remove all unwanted lines.

How to draw a Nissan

Step 8

Draw very cool multi-spoke rims that increase the coolness of our Japanese supercar by many points. Circle the tires as in our picture.

Nissan GT-R drawing tutorial

Step 9

We will finish the drawing guide on how to draw a Nissan GT-R by adding shadows and highlights in the places indicated in our example below.

Nissan GT-R drawing

Sportcar Nissan GT-R is produced by the Japanese company Nissan Motor since 2007. Since its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, the model has experienced two restyling, but with the help of this drawing guide, you can draw a Nissan GT-R of any kind.

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    1. If your drawing is not as beautiful as you would like, try to repeat the drawing process again. The practice is the best friend for any artist.

    1. Thank you very much. We are inspired by the work of the Drawingforall.net, they are our good friends and we try to do as good drawing lessons as they do.

  1. Супер! Я целых два раза нартсовал эту супер машину и мне два раза плнравилась эта машина! Очень рад что вы сделали этот сайт! Я нарисовал много машин.

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