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How to Draw a Toyota Supra

How to draw a Toyota Supra

This Japanese supercar has become an icon for motorsport enthusiasts, a true legend for fans of fast cars.

The purpose of this car is to give its owner the whole range of impressions that can be obtained from the vehicle. As you understand, today the team of DrawCarz.com will show you how to draw a Toyota Supra.

How to Draw a Toyota Supra

Step 1

Like the Mazda RX-7, this car has distinct car features from the 90s, that is, very smooth and flowing contours. Depict the body of the Toyota in the form of loose sketch.

How to sketch a Toyota Supra

Step 2

Now depict the round wheels (compasses can be used) and contour of the window line. Our drawing is gradually becoming more and more like a car.

How to draw a Toyota Supra step by step

Step 3

Since this is a sports car, it has one door on each side of the body. Let’s depict this very single door on this side of the body, lights and a large spoiler. We also depict the rims and arches.

How to draw a Toyota Supra for beginners

Step 4

In order for our sketch to look beautiful and complete, let’s begin to circle the drawing with very dark pencil lines, marker or ink. Starting from the nose of the car, we will depict the headlights, bonnet and arch.

How to draw a Toyota car

Step 5

Almost all supercars have a very flat and sloping roof. Let’s circle this detail in the fifth step, add a mirror and circle the narrow windows line.

How to draw a Toyota sports car

Step 6

A large spoiler should create a strong downforce, and in this step we should circle this part of our Japanese supercar. In the same step we circle the rear bumper and depict the exhaust pipe.

How to draw a Toyota

Step 7

The most complicated detail of our Toyota Supra is the side part. Here we need to depict the stylish door, a long air intake and a quite standard handle.

How to sketch a Toyota Supra

Step 8

The tires are one of the most complex parts, as it is very difficult to make them really round and symmetrical. Rims are no less difficult to draw than tires, so when drawing them be most careful.

Toyota Supra drawing tutorial

Step 9

The final touches for our image will be shadows and highlights. Hatches should be drawn in the places where we showed in our picture below. If your Toyota Supra drawing is similar to ours, then the drawing guide is over.

Toyota Supra drawing

At one time, this crazy Japanese supercar caused a sensation in the world, and now you can buy Toyota Supra 90x for very little money. But you do not need to buy it, because now you yourself can create it on a piece of paper.

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