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How to Draw a BMW Car

how to draw a bmw car

In this art instruction, we will show you how to draw a BMW car– one of the most famous and favorite cars on the planet Earth.

This company has existed for many decades and has managed to create a huge number of cars during its existence. BMW made not only simple cars but also electric sports cars, large trucks, and even motors for aircraft. But this is a story about a completely different artist.

In today’s instruction on how to draw a BMW car, we want to show you how to draw the most familiar car of this brand.

How to Draw a BMW Car

Step 1

So, begin to draw a BMW from the simplest thing – depict the outlines of the car using very light lines. These lines should mark the dimensions and location of the car on a sheet of paper.

draw cars

Step 2

Use smooth clean lines to correct the outlines of the main parts of the BMW car. Draw a long window frame on the upper part. Next, draw the visible part of the front and rear windows.

how to draw a bmw easy

Step 3

Draw the front and rear bumpers. Unlike sports car bumpers, the BMW bumper looks more minimalistic. In the same stage, depict the headlight and rear lamp.

how to draw a bmw car for beginners

Step 4

Use large semicircles to depict the wheel arches at the front and rear of your BMW. Draw the center pillar in the center of the window frame. In the same stage, draw the doors.

how to draw a car easy

Step 5

Draw a rearview mirror in the front corner of the window frame. When depicting handles, keep in mind that the rear handle should be slightly higher than the front one.

how to draw a bmw car easy

Step 6

Erase all construction lines from your BMW drawing and depict the wheels. They should be as perfectly round as possible. Draw equally perfectly round rims inside the contours of the wheels.

how to draw a bmw car step by step

Step 7

Draw circles in the center of the rims. Next, depict the spokes that diverge from the central part along the edges like the rays of the sun. The shape of the spokes as well as the distance between them must be exactly the same.

how to draw a bmw car step by step easy

Step 8

Now add shadows. Start from the darkest areas, that is, the inner surfaces of the arches. Next, add shadows and mid-tones in the places shown by our artists. In the same stage, add glare to the glass surfaces.

how to draw a bmw car

This tutorial was not the easiest one, but we hope you have mastered it. If everything went well, then now you know how to draw a BMW car. To improve your drawing skill, visit our other instructions by finding them in the category menu or through the search box.

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