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How to Draw a Truck Easy

how to draw a Truck Easy

We really love to draw complex cars and make them very voluminous and realistic, but sometimes we create simpler instructions, like this instruction on how to draw a truck easy.

In fact, the main difference between our difficult guide from the simple ones is the presence or absence of shadows. The fact is that drawing the correct shadows greatly changes the perception of space in the drawing, but at the same time greatly complicates the drawing process.

In this instruction on how to draw a truck easy, we decided not to use shadows and use a more simplified drawing method. But if you want to complicate the drawing, you can of course try adding shadows or colors after completing all the stages.

How to Draw a Truck Easy

Step 1

To draw a truck, you need to start with the simplest. Use light lines to depict the outlines of the truck. With a light touch of the pencil on the paper, depict the main parts and their location on the sheet.

how to draw a truck easy for beginners

Step 2

In the front and back, draw trapezoidal arches. Draw borders above the arches. In the same stage, depict the front and rear bumpers. The front arch border merges with the front bumper.

how to draw a truck easy side view

Step 3

Draw a vertical line separating the cab from the cargo area. In the front part, depict a window frame. In the same stage, correct the outlines of the front bumper with a couple of clear strokes.

how to draw a truck easy from the side

Step 4

Draw the center pillar in the middle part of the window frame. Next, draw the front and back doors. Note that the only straight line in the doors is the bottom horizontal line.

draw a truck easy

Step 5

In the front corner of the window frame, depict a vertically elongated rear-view mirror. Next, draw angular door handles and a decorative line just above the bottom horizontal line of the doors.

how to draw an easy truck step by step

Step 6

Now erase all unnecessary construction lines and draw the wheels. They should be perfectly round, like the rims in them. Use a mirror to check for evenness and proportionality.

how to draw an easy truck

Step 7

Draw a circle in the center of each rim. Next, draw a series of smaller circles around these larger circles. The distance between these small circles should be the same.

how to draw a truck easy step by step

Step 8

Check if your pickup truck drawing is correct by comparing it to our example. If you make a mistake, just go back to the stage where the mistake was made and repeat the stage again.

how to draw a Truck Easy

If everything is done correctly, and your drawing of a pickup truck is similar to ours, then try to complicate it, as we said at the very beginning of the article, that is, add shadows or colors. In our instruction on how to draw a 3D car, we told you how to draw shadows correctly.

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