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How to Draw a Toyota Corolla

how to draw a Toyota Corolla

We really love luxury cars such as Lamborghini or Bentley, but in order to dilute this collection of cars for the Forbes list, we sometimes create instructions about simpler cars. For example, today we want to show you how to draw a Toyota Corolla.

This car is the best-selling car in its class in many countries around the world. This is primarily due to a very good combination of low prices, fairly high quality, and good equipment.

In addition, the car has a small size, which is an important condition in order to move along narrow streets and park in narrow places. For this parameter, the Toyota Camry is much better than the Lamborghini or Audi R8.

How to Draw a Toyota Corolla

Step 1

To draw a Toyota Camry without mistakes, you must first sketch out the outlines of the car. With a very light touch of the pencil on the paper, create the main body parts.

toyota corolla drawing tutorial

Step 2

Now using smooth lines draw the wheel arches and the lower edges of the front and rear bumpers. Note that the arches should be angled slightly outward from the center.

toyota corolla drawing guide

Step 3

In the front and rear, depict the headlight and tail lamp. You need to exactly repeat their shape so that your Corolla has a recognizable look. Under the headlight, depict the front air intake and fog light.

toyota corolla art

Step 4

In the upper part, depict a horizontally elongated window frame. If you exactly repeat the outlines of this part, then your Corolla will be even more recognizable. Adjust the outlines of the car body with smooth lines.

how to draw a toyota

Step 5

Draw a central pillar in the middle of the window frame. Next, draw the doors. The middle line of these doors should go down along the central pillar practically to the very bottom of the body, dividing the car into two approximately equal parts.

how to sketch a car

Step 6

Draw a rearview mirror in the front corner of the window frame. Next, draw the handles, not forgetting that the back handle should be slightly higher than the front one.

how to draw a toyota corolla step by step easy

Step 7

Get rid of all auxiliary lines and depict the wheels. The wheels should be perfectly round, as well as the outlines of the rims inside them. To check this, look at your Toyota Corolla drawing through a mirror.

how to draw a toyota corolla step by step

Step 8

To depict the rims correctly, first draw their central circular part. Then depict the spokes evenly spreading from the center to the edges of the rims, like the petals of a sunflower.

how to draw a Toyota Corolla easy

Step 9

Add shadows to make your Toyota Corolla drawing more voluminous and more convincing. Start with the darkest areas, gradually working towards the lighter ones. Don’t forget to add highlights to the glass surfaces.

how to draw a Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a fairly simple car, and the instruction on how to draw a Toyota Corolla is also pretty simple. If you want to complicate the drawing a little, try adding a little more shadows to make the drawing more voluminous. We talked about how to do this in our article on how to draw a 3D car.

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