How to Draw a Koenigsegg

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How to draw a Koenigsegg Regera

There are many really cool cars in the world, but one of the most unusual is a Koenigsegg. And in this instruction, we want to show you how to draw a Koenigsegg.

This company is little-known in comparison with such auto giants as Lamborghini and Ferrari. But despite this, people who know much about cars are very fond of this supercar for its interesting appearance and good performance.


How to Draw a Koenigsegg

Step 1

So, in order to accurately draw a Koenigsegg, firstly portray a silhouette. Already in the first stage, our Koenigsegg drawing looks like an alien ship.

How to draw a sports car

Step 2

Now, using two perfect circles, depict the wheels of the Koenigsegg. Next, depict an extremely unusual side window and no less unusual door.

How to draw a Koenigsegg Regera step by step

Step 3

Inside the tires, depict perfectly round rims. Surround the wheels with semi-circular arches. Depict a rear-view mirror above the door and a contour of the taillight at the rear.

How to draw a cool car easy

Step 4

Starting from this stage we will depict the elements of the Koenigsegg in detail. Start from the nose, darkening the details and depicting a really unusual bumper.

How to draw a Koenigsegg Regera for beginners

Step 5

Now go to the top and depict the roof with clear and confident hand movements. Repeat all the cool elements, as did the artists of in the artwork below.

How to draw a cool car

Step 6

Now go to the back of our beautiful supercar drawing the rear bumper. In the same stage, depict a taillight and remove the guidelines from this element.

How to draw a Koenigsegg

Step 7

As mentioned earlier, Koenigsegg is a very extraordinary car with many unusual lines. At this stage, we need to depict the door and the winding lanes of the air intake.

How to draw a super car

Step 8

In this stage of the instruction on how to draw a Koenigsegg, we will portray the rims. They can repeat the appearance of our rims or have a completely different look.

Koenigsegg Regera drawing tutorial

Step 9

The last stage of the instruction is on how to draw Koenigsegg, which means you need to create shadows. Do this using hatching, laying it in the spaces indicated by the artists of

Koenigsegg Regera drawing

Everything that has a beginning has an end, and the instruction on how to draw a Koenigsegg came to the very end. We are looking forward to your kind (or maybe not very kind) words in the comments section. Write everything you think, because your opinion is very important to

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    This helped me draw thank you. Pls can u do a Tesla cyber truck?

    • kingofdrawing

      Soon we will create a lesson about Tesla Cybertruck, so do not forget to check our site.

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