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How to Draw a Sports Car

How to draw a Sports Car

We have already created many instructions on how to draw sports cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Audi. But we still did not have a basic guide on how to draw a sports car in which we would collect all the most necessary points and tips regarding this type of car. And right now, you see this very instruction in front of you, which will contain everything that you will need in order to draw a sports car.

How to Draw a Sports Car

Step 1

Let’s start drawing a sports car with its general outlines. Using very light lines, create a body in the form of a loose sketch. Already at this stage, it is necessary to depict the appearance of the future sports car, in our example it is Porsche.

How to sketch a Sports Car

Step 2

Now create the general details of the car. First of all, depict two large circles that will become wheels in the future. In the front and back, create lamps. Next, create a line of windows, as seen in the sketch depicted by the team of Drawcarz.com.

Sports Car drawing guide

Step 3

We continue to depict the general details to the drawing of a sports car. By two more circles we create rims. Next, depict the windshield and the door. Remember to depict a rearview mirror. To check the proportionality of your artwork, just look at it through the mirror.

How to draw a Sports Car easy

Step 4

If the loose artwork of the sports car is ready, then it’s time to move to the finishing details. Using darker lines, trace the “nose” of the car, making the car’s design beautiful, aesthetic and voluminous. Create a radiator grill and fog lamp.

Learn how to draw a Sports Car

Step 5

Using a long and smooth line, trace the roof of the sports car. Make all windows and door lines darker and sharper. Using an eraser, remove unnecessary guidelines from the work area.

How to draw a Sports Car step by step easy

Step 6

Now let’s get to the back of the sports car. Carefully create the rear bumper by depicting all the details as shown in the sketch from the artists of Drawcarz.com. Remember to depict the exhaust pipe and rear arch.

How to draw a cool Sports Car

Step 7

The side of the sports car drawing contains many complex parts. Depict a door in detail and add a handle. For greater realism, create an air intake. Now grab an eraser and wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from the sports car drawing.

How to draw a Sports Car step by step

Step 8

Darken wheels and rims. Next, find the central part of the rims, and depict numerous spokes, evenly diverging from the center to the edges. Finish cleaning your drawing of a sports car by erasing unnecessary guidelines from the wheels.

Sports Car drawing tutorial

Step 9

To make your picture of a sports car even more voluminous and aesthetic, add highlights and shadows. Glare should be added to glass surfaces and shadows in those places where light does not fall.

Sports Car drawing

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